How to Market Yourself in the Music Industry

Nobody has ever said breaking into the music industry is easy; it’s incredibly hard! To enjoy any kind of success, you first need to make great music, which includes the way that it’s written, how it’s played and produced. As soon as you’ve ticked all these boxes, you’re able to think about ways to market yourself and your music. You’ve only got to watch shows such as America’s Got Talent or one of the many variations on this theme to realize there are thousands of would-be entertainers waiting for that elusive break. Money’s going to be tight when you’re just starting out, so here are some budget-friendly ways to promote your music.


Play Live as Often as Possible

The power of a live performance should never be underestimated. While the digital world provides ample opportunity for promoting your music gigs and tours, merely playing on a street corner are great ways to connect with fans. Start in your local area and get yourself booked in at local venues. If your music is good enough, word will soon pass around! It’s your music that’s going to make you memorable, but remember to get some leaflets printed up, so the audience has something physical to remember you by. It’s easy enough to do this yourself with a computer and a printer. For example, you can buy ink for the Canon Pixma MG3650 online to save money on high street prices.

Once you’ve conquered your local area, you can hit the road and play in other towns and cities.

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Create a Website

You don’t need to be a tech whiz kid to create your own website! However, there are a few key elements you do need to include. You need to add the relevant information about your upcoming gigs, releases, as well as a mailing list. This way, current, and potential fans know where to find you, and when to see you playing.

How do you design the perfect website, however? There are many features and crucial creative elements. For example, what is the color scheme you wish to use? Colors have a significant effect on feelings and mood, so picking the wrong one and creating an unpleasant mood can have a drastically different impact on someone wanting to listen to you or not. Of course, the color you opt for might also be determined by your genre or music style. Perhaps you favor heavy metal music. If so, black is a very common color used by bands. Alternatively, if you play jazz, using a muted monochrome color scheme could evoke feelings of nostalgia and retro vibes.

Your website is also a great place to sell your music. If you record your own albums and singles, make sure you feature them on your site, in an easily seen place. Doing so will grab the attention of potential customers.  

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Work on Your Social Media Presence

In addition to your website, if you’ve got an exciting and engaging presence on the social media channels, it’s going to benefit your music career immensely. Concentrate on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram first and create profiles that are consistent across them all. Ensure you use the colors you chose for your website to create a brand identity for yourself. Using contrasting colors may confuse visitors to both your website and social channels. If you want more help with a social media campaign, there’s plenty of advice available online. However, it is also worthwhile enlisting the help of professional social media experts, who can help you build and keep your following.  

Collaborate with Fellow Musicians

Do you have a favorite artist in your local area? Of course, when you’re at the beginning of your career, it may not be possible to collaborate with superstars such as Beyonce and Jay-Z. But, taking the time to network and build a relationship with a successful artist in your local area, and asking if you can warm up the crowd before can be an effective way of making sure your voice is heard too.

Additionally, the wealth of knowledge from other musicians is unmissable. If they play in your local area, they might know the best places for gigs. They may even know trade secrets and ways you could transform your own style. Plus, there’s no telling the people you could meet via collaborating and appearing on stage with another musician. They might know critical contacts in the industry who can help you create and produce a music video, for example.

Know Your Fans

Have you got a particular audience in mind when it comes to marketing your music? It helps to know who your audience is as this can influence the type of marketing strategy you choose to adopt. If your music has a more widespread appeal, you’re better off starting on a local level before expanding nationally.

Promoting your music independently is easier today than it has ever been, thanks to technology and the internet. That doesn’t mean, however, that’s it’s a piece of cake! Hopefully, the suggestions above will help you along the road to success.    

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