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Hassle in a startup is not a new thing. Most of the startups struggle to be in the market, to grow. They try everything, make sure to deliver the best things and that too on time. However, there are some things that are underrated or are confused to be of less importance. Cross browser testing in a startup is one such thing.

Well, if you’re unaware of cross-browser testing, I’ll help you out here. 😉


Cross-browser testing is testing your website or web application in different browsers or browser versions, or devices and operating systems to make sure that the web app or website works perfectly in all of them.

Do many startups remain in the dilemma of whether to invest in cross browser testing or not? Most of them create the best quality product, or at least they think that they have created it as the best quality. They test it, use it, and then provide them to clients. However, many times, if not invested in cross-browser testing this will provide to be a huge loss for the startups and other organizations as well. But the question stands still, “Why is it necessary to invest in cross-browser testing, especially for startups”?

Well, we have not been untouched with the importance of cross-browser testing in general, however, in this article we’ll discuss why cross-browser testing is important specifically for startups.

Why Cross Browser Testing for Startups?


 First Impression is the last impression

Well, this is something which really matters the most. For big organizations, who already have their brand value, it is never about the first impression for them. For organizations like Amazon, Google we know from the people’s reviews that these are some good companies. They do care about user experience, their brand value as well, however, they don’t need the first impression for their first ever visiting customers as customers already know or have heard about them.

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But as a startup, people will judge you, think twice before moving to you. Hence, you need to make the best first impression on your first time visitors. But if you provide a broken website on their browser or mobile device, Ah! You’re long gone. You’ve wasted your first impression and your visitors have bounced back and they have already created an impression that your website or the application is immature. Well, do you understand the final situation here?

It impacts your ROI

As we know that startups struggle in terms of capital investment and that’s not a new thing here. It is one of the major reasons startups remain confused while choosing to go for cross-browser testing here. They choose their investment very wisely and a wise startup must always invest in cross-browser testing. Let me tell you why.

If you don’t invest in cross-browser testing, you might face major issues like:

-Less customer retention

-High bounce rates

-Fewer conversions

If your website or web application is not cross-browser compatible. And these are some of the biggest nightmares for a startup.  So, it is better to invest in a small sum in cross-browser testing and save the issues that might occur because of browser incompatibility. No doubt, cross-browser testing helps you generate more Returns on the investment done in it. Provided, there are other impacting and favorable options as well.

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Even the major investment remains of an effective software tester and a cross-browser testing tool. However, there are tools like LambdaTest which even offer Special cross-browser testing Pricing plans for Startups.

You cannot compromise on Quality

As the first impression, quality goes sideways. Being a startup it becomes necessary for you to deliver the best quality product. And user experience also is a part of it. The user experience on all browsers on devices.

Cross browser testing, if done right, helps to keep a quality check on all browsers and devices’ user experience. If you lack a bit on it, your users will bounce back from your website and will never come back to you. The answer to this lies in a simple question which you need to ask yourself. “How many times do you change your browser to look at the website if it doesn’t look good in your browser?” You might have your answer by now!  

Your website will look professional

Your website is the best salesman for your startup. So, it is necessary that it looks professional and mature to your visitors as this is the one thing the visitors will first visit to make any decision.

If this looks unprofessional, clustered on any browser or device then again it is not a good thing for your startup. The reason we are talking in terms of cross-browser compatibility here is if the website looks professional and very well developed in Chrome, it is not enough.  It should look professional in all browsers. Hence, you need to perform cross-browser testing of your website on all browsers, browser versions, devices, operating systems to make sure that it doesn’t degrade the user experience and professionalism in any of them.

Reaching all customers

As a startup, you might be sure to expand your business, reach out to customers from all geographies. So, if you’re planning to test your website from various locations, test various features from different locations like checkout process, GDPR compliant, currency change as per location, etc. You need to be sure that these features work as expected on all the browsers and devices. Cross-browser testing is your one-stop solution for the same again.

You won’t be able to take away business from your competitors

In the blog, What Is Cross Browser Compatibility And Why We Need It, it has been mentioned that if your website isn’t cross-browser compatible, it will benefit your competitors. Well, this is true for startups as well. If your website is not cross-browser compatible, you won’t be able to take away business from your competitors. As, if they open your website to evaluate you, you provide them an incompatible site, broken buttons, and links, disoriented layout, or non-functional UI on their browser, they will make up a negative impression about you! And will never come back.

Hence, while creating a website or web application for your users, it is necessary for a startup to understand that it is for the users. And they will use the browser they like, the device they love and we have to provide them with the best experience on their browser or favorite device. So, cross-browser compatibility is not a choice rather it is a necessity. And if you’re a startup it is more necessary. I hope the why of this is clear by now 🙂

However, if you’ve more questions, just let me know in the comments section below and I’ll be happy to answer:).

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  1. Great article! Definitely, most of the people are unaware of cross browser testing. This is really a good attempt to let others to be aware of this. There are many people who struggle with their startups and this will be a great venture for them to keep their business active and a profitable one. Thanks for sharing and I really appreciate.


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