All cultures universally accept the language of love. The Russian is practically no different, and similarities exist regarding using flowers as a token of expressing love and affection. It is always heartwarming to receive flowers, and Russia is no different. However, if you are planning for flower delivery to Russia, there are a few unique traditions to be followed. When it comes to flower gifting traditions, it is a little different in Russia. It’s best to acquaint yourself with these instead of annoying your friend or relative. 


The Right Colors

Flower gifting etiquette in Russia gives particular importance to colors. Pay attention to the person for whom you plan flower delivery to Russia. For younger women, it is best to go for pink or blue flowers, and they will surely be delighted. Also, avoid gifting red roses to unmarried young women. In Russian culture, these red flowers are symbolic of passion, desire, and fire. However, it is okay to gift bright red flowers to middle-aged ladies and elderly.

Avoid gifting yellow flowers to your romantic interest, as Russians associate yellow flowers with unfaithfulness. Furthermore, they consider that gifting a bouquet of yellow flowers lead to a break-up.

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Number of flowers

Another Russian tradition that requires your attention is the number of flowers. It will always depend on the occasion. Never overlook or underestimate this tradition of Russian culture. Bouquets of flower arrangements with even number of flowers are appropriate only for funeral processions and memorial services. Russians consider even the number of flowers as a symbol of grief and farewell. On the other hand, the odd quantity of flowers is viewed as an expression of happiness and celebration.

Therefore, 1,3,5,7 and so on are the right number when planning a bouquet for a happy occasion.

Different numbers of flowers in a bouquet have different meanings as well. For instance, a single flower means ‘you are the only one for me’ whereas five flowers in a bouquet express ‘I Love you.’

Flowers to choose

Although you can go with any flowers for gifting in Russia, there are specific flowers that are more popular. We suggest that especially for girls, you should go to what their culture prefers. Like everywhere else, roses are amongst the most popular flowers here in Russia. Red and white roses always remain high in demand. Roses are apt to express your love and romantic feelings for your partner.

If you are attempting to convey something affectionate, carnations will be appropriate. During the holiday season, carnations are highly preferred by all primarily adult ladies. For the grown-up and elderly ladies, carnations are the best even better than roses.

Lilies are associated with a legend here in Russia, following which the flower is used in divination here. However, avoid gifting these flowers as a wedding present.

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Different flower etiquettes for different occasions

When planning to gift flowers for love, dating and similar occasions, it always better to know the lady’s taste. While all will love roses, however few can consider these roses as a little cheesy. If it’s the start of the relationship, play safe with pink and white colors flowers. You can go for bolder shades once your relationship blooms. You can avoid the color red and carnation flowers. Carnations here in Russia are always associated with national holidays. Try to prefer fresh flowers, as it symbolizes care and longevity of the relationship. 

When visiting a Russian home, flowers are always welcome. However, ensure that your bouquet is accompanied by sweets or a bottle of wine. If the family prefers houseplants, you can opt for flowers in a pot too. Low maintenance flowers or succulents can be the right choice. 

If it’s an occasion that requires you to send flowers to a Russian school, then gladiolus or Astra is a good choice. Prefer 3 or 5 flowers in the bouquet in line with the Russian tradition. Any color of the flower is okay; however, you should avoid flowers that may be a cause of triggering an allergy. 

If visiting a friend in the hospital, make sure the hospital accepts flowers for the patients. Go for flowers that do not have a smell or cause allergies. For instance, lilies are beautiful but can be a reason for allergy. Most patients will be more than happy to receive flowers. You can accompany the bouquet with some fruits, chocolates or other healthy food items. Gifting an excellent book to read along with the bouquet is a wise idea. 

As a concluding note, if you are planning to gift flowers in Russia, make sure you follow their traditions. Always hand out the bouquet with your left hand and your right hand unoccupied for greetings. Flowers are beautiful and, at the same time, symbolic as well. With a little bit of thoughtfulness, when you gift flowers in Russia, the recipient will be delighted.

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