Choose gifts based on the value they add to someone’s life. It is true and you can do that on a budget. We all come up with million gift ideas but when it comes to their heavy costs, it becomes difficult to decide. If you want to think of a gift on a budget, then you MUST stop by to read this article. After looking at the various gift ideas that can best suit the choices of everyone out there, we have gathered the gifts that you can get under $100.

They range within the categories of fancy, useful, smart, catchy, and creative. Think of a handy mini printer that seizes the moments and prints them out in their full bloom? Or a scented candle with a relaxing and calming effect on your mind and body?  Or a 3D pen for your creative little artists? Let’s have a look at the inventory of gift ideas that we have gathered for you to make your events all more special for your loved ones.

  • Polaroid Zip Wireless Mobile Mini Printer

The perfect choice for your photographer friend is nothing else than a mini printer. Bring your digital memories into life simply by clicking a button. You can get this mini printer in just $89.99. Let the photography expert prepare a journal of memories with this portable color printer. Let him print the memories and display them on the walls. For the photographer, it is one way to develop a portfolio of his photography skills, which can further be used for setting up a brand name of his own. Could there be any other meaningful gift for your friend or loved one?

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You can gift it to your kids who enjoy taking selfies at all times. They would enjoy sharing their best moments with their friends. They would feel pleased to show their friends the places they have been to. Simply connect your smartphone via a Wi-Fi connection to the portable printer and print the images on 2/3 peel-back paper. The paper protects your photos from moisture or wear and tear damages.

  • Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones

Headphones are a life-saver for a lot of people out there. Especially, for the guys who are not interested in unstoppable babbling of women. It is not to offend women but that is how most men perceive women when they cannot handle the excessive drama of a woman’s life. Coming back to headphones, the best ones out there are Bose sound sport wireless headphones that cost only $69.99. These wireless headphones are water-resistant, light-weight, and durable.

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They will stay with you for years to come. Plus, the high-quality sound would make you lose track of your surroundings and maybe time as well. It is compatible with MacBook, iPhones, iPads, and a lot more. It has an in-built microphone that lets you switch easily between calls and music. The ergonomic design of these headphones can fit in with the shape of your ear.

  • 3Doodler Create 3D Pen

Bring your artistic kid’s imagination to life by gifting this 3Doodler Create 3D Pen. It is more like a magical pen that can draw realistic pictures of your surroundings. How? You know that already. Get it for only $85.92. It is a miraculous pen invention that comes with 65 colored plastic refills so that your children can play with colors. Let them make their own toys from cars to the race tracks. Let them invent new things by doodling with this 3Doodle 3D pen. To teach the kids to take their imagination out of the paper, you can go for hundreds of YouTube tutorials available for quick learning.


The 3D pen is a great idea to spend some quality time with your kids and draw unique structures to display in their room. You can help them in the study of biological, chemical or physical structures by using these pens. The 3D pen is a remarkable gift for the architects, the planners, the builders, and the creators. Yes, whoever is in the field of art and creativity, he would love to have something like this to make models of their ideas and to present them to their seniors without a dozen slides.

  • Aaren Kulør Red Silicone Watch

Possessing an elegant watch is never out of fashion. Red color signifies fashion and style at the same time. If you have someone in your life who loves to follow the trends, look updated, and stay stylish; you should get this watch for her. It is no less than a style statement of the year. Get it for $95 at Skagen. Plus, the color red adds some color, funk, and fun to the overall attire. It looks more chick and cute. The aluminum casing is sturdy, sleek and stylish. It is available in yellow, orange, light and dark blue color as well. Give your time-conscious friend this silicone watch and you will be remembered forever for this cute little gift.

  • Jo Malone London Peony & Blush Suede Scented Candle

Scented candles can take over your senses and tone down your anxiety. They can add to the beauty and elegance of any space. Gift it to your mother and she would adore it for sure as the scented candles will relax her mind as well as body. Get this beautiful candle for $67 and make your loved ones feel special. The exceptional fragrances of London peony and blush suede are outstanding. It will leave an ever-lasting effect on your mind. It has 45 hours of burn time to make your moments even more special.

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  • BLACK+DECKER Random Orbit Polisher

For the car-obsessed guy in your life, a random orbital polisher is an ideal gift. ‘Black and Decker’ is renowned for its quality products and this polisher plus waxer is an incredible tool for the car lovers. It can keep the car’s exterior ever shining and lustrous. You can get it only for $29.37. It leaves the car’s body swirl-free and scratch-free. Earn the compliments of everyone out there for the flawless exterior of the car. If you are looking for more perfect orbital polishers, have a peak at this website.


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