But first what is a content verification program all about? As the name suggests itself, it is a program to help copyright owners search for the materials, which they believe to be infringing. It is usually done to check plagiarism or copy-pasting from other sources.

Now, what is the idea behind content verification? Simple, it is done to safeguard your reputation. Let me cite a case study for you, to help you understand better:

Mike, the head of the editorial board of LLP Ltd, has an online presence in the form of their website llp.industries.com. Their website has a blog that mainly has information about new technology and new technological products. They also host a series of sponsors and so their blog has a lot of sponsored content.

But here is the thing: now since they have a lot of sponsors and advertisers, all of them want a copy of their published ads. But if Mike performs this task manually, it wouldn’t just cost him long hours but also reduce concentration on priority tasks. Plus, the accuracy and efficiency can’t be guaranteed (because of course, he is a human). But, it is equally important to distribute the ad copies to the clients.

So what does Mike do? What is the way out? When asked, it was discovered that Mike has been performing this task with the utmost efficiency? How? With a tool named Stillio – it not only helps him generate screenshots of the ads but also shares with the advertisers directly, not to mention that this is a completely automated process.

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What is Stillio?

Initially, Stillio was just a nifty tool to capture screenshots automatically, in a timely way, for the archival process. But with time, Stillio has been blessed with features ranging from Website Compliance to Content Verification. I just cited an example of how Stillio can save your day when it comes to Content Verification.

Brands and companies worldwide use this tool for the same purpose. If put to use correctly, it is sure to improve your productivity and save your time, both at the same time. Here’s how working with Stillio can help you with content verification:

Right evidence or proof of sponsored content

Stillio’s primary function is to automate the screenshot process, and this can be used to keep proof of your sponsored content publications. These captured screenshots will help you keep records of your content which can be produced as a piece of evidence in times of crisis. They will display the ads and the materials of your ads and other content.

Keep track of the most active landing pages

Which are the most effective or most active landing pages of your website? Simple, the ones which see the most interaction. It is important to keep a track of these pages because it proves to be a major touchpoint in the consumer’s journey. Don’t worry you don’t have to do it manually. Stillio’s extraordinary features help you keep track of these landing pages by taking regular screenshots of them at regular intervals, as per your given timeline.

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Monitor Content changes over time

it is important to track the changes in your content, regularly. But, time-bound articles are updated more often than you think which makes tracking all the more difficult. However, with Stillio, and its automatic screenshot service, you can capture screenshots at regular intervals. If you set the duration of screenshots according to this, it will help you keep track of the regular changes, so that you can do the evaluation later, at your own leisure. Plus, it also enables you to preserve your online history and record your evolution.

Staying within the terms and conditions

Hosting content has lately caught a lot of fire, but that doesn’t reduce the kind of effort it demands. There’s a whole list of work to do, and one of them is taking care of the prescribed terms and conditions. There can be unwanted circumstances, and for that, you need proper evidence. But with Stillio around, there’s nothing you need to worry about.

By now, you must have understood what content verification is all about, and how Stillio can give you the desired edge against your competitors. Stillio will free you from the horns of dilemma so that you keep working with utmost efficiency. 


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