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Building your very first mobile app? Among many other concerns, one of your biggest concerns would be to ensure your app works well and it gets the validation in the market you are hoping for. Well, there is a way to do that before even launching it. Get beta users to sign up for your app and get feedback on your app. This feedback will help you identify issues in your app and you also other insights which you can use to your benefit later on. Now the question is, how are you going to find these beta users? Will your mobile app development company arrange them or you are supposed to look for them yourself?  That depends on you. Technically, the agency offering mobile app development services is not responsible for it so you will have to search for users on your own.

Here are a few ways you can utilize to find beta users for your new app before launching it:

Start building an email list

Start collecting email addresses of your potential users before your app hits the app store. You will have to keep this audience engaged by sharing tips, videos, and newsletter. This is your chance to closely connecting with these people. By the time your app is ready for launch, you will have a list of potential customers already waiting to use your app.

There must be some people on this list who are the most engaged ones. Why not turn them into your beta users. Keep them posted about the updates of your mobile app and even ask them to send their feedback via email. Use their feedback and suggestions when necessary during the development phase of your app.

Look for them via beta user websites

There are lots of websites that can provide you with the beta testing services. The only problem with this option is that the users you get aren’t really your target audience. Their feedback and suggestions may not be as valuable as that of those who may likely to be your target audience.

Search for them personally

You can also personally meet your beta testers but that depends on the nature of your mobile app. You will get first-hand feedback as you interact with these personally. You can also observe their behavior when they are using your app too.

Use Reddit

Do not underestimate the power of Reddit. It has a large pool of audience across various categories who might be interested in becoming your beta users. If you just spend some time doing research, you will find lots of communities on Reddit where you can submit the screenshots of your app and get feedback from the users of the community. All you have to do is post a request on relevant forums and wait for their feedback. These individuals can, later on, become your potential audience too once the app is launched.

Facebook groups

Here is another great source for finding beta users. In the recent times, Facebook groups have gained a lot of popularity. You can find groups in a variety of categories. All you have to do is join these groups and actively patriciate in the conversions with other fellow members. Once your app is ready for testing, you can ask for the community members to provide you with feedback. You will be surprised to see how happy people will give you feedback. The best thing is, their opinion will be honest so you won’t be wasting your time in any way.

The key is to engage with as many people as possible while your app is in its development phase. Make sure you are communicating with your mobile app development company too. Once it is ready for beta testing, you can take help of these people to get feedback. Remember that each user you will be approaching would be busy; you might have to provide them with a proposition or a solid incentive to test your app. So, be ready to face the hustle.

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