Drfone iPhone Recovery allows you to restore and recover the messages that we have deleted from the iPhone. The application is used to phone data recovery software and is available for free (with paid in-app version), for both Windows and Mac. Let’s see it in detail!

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Drfone iPhone Recover has seven main functions of which we want to briefly detail:


With drfone, we can retrieve messages from the iPhone that we have deleted from the phone, from the system’s own applications such as calls or notes, to information from third-party applications such as WhatsApp or Messages.


The app allows transferring data between the iPhone and a computer, as we have said, it is compatible with Windows and Mac.


We can copy information from one phone to another, if we want to, for example, quickly transfer large amounts of data, such as a contact list, photographs … or any information that is available from the app.

Backup and restoration

We can make a backup as well as restore messages from the iPhone. It also works with the internal data of the applications so we will not only copy the WhatsApp app for example, but also its content such as chats, messages, photographs and videos.


It refers to small bugs or software errors in our iOS device.


It allows to eliminate the content and settings of the iPhone completely, it is the same function that we can find from the iPhone Settings app. The positive is that if we have the screen broken and we can not access the phone if we can do it with this app.


As in the previous section, if we have broken the iPhone, its screen for example, or the start button with a wrong operation, we can use this app to allow us to unlock the phone.

For more details, if you want to ios data recovery, it can be done in three ways.

Connect your iPhone with your computer and run the program

First of all you have to download the drfone program first. The next step is to connect between your iPhone device and computer. You will see a look like below:

Run the downloaded program and click on ‘Recover’. Select ‘Recover from iOS device’ displayed on the left of the window. For the next step you need to check ‘Messages & Attachments’ followed by ‘Start Scan’. This step will display all stored text messages. Choose ‘Messages’ and ‘Messages Attachments’ for their preview. You can select individual messages to restore.

Using iTunes backup

If you ever backup your device in iTunes (before you lose text messages), you can do this way. This is recommended because you do not need to restore your device.

Run the program and select ‘Recover from iTunes Backup File’. Select the available backup and click on ‘Start Scan’ to extract the content. Please note that all backup files can be extracted with the help of drfone. The scanning process takes only a few seconds and once it’s done you can recover every message in ‘Messages’ and ‘Messages & Attachments’. The final step is to recover the selected messages.

Using iCloud backup

One negative side of using iCloud backups is that we have to recover all data without exception. However with the help of drfone, we can use iCloud backups selectively.

The first step is to run the program and sign in to your iCloud account. When you are inside then you can start to extract the contents in your account. If you want to recover selectively then you need to click on ‘Messages’ and Messages Attachments’. This will save you time as this only displays your text messages and not other content types. When you have finished downloading text messages, you can proceed with extracting them. Click ‘Scan’.

When the scanning process is done you can preview the contents and click on those you want. Continue with ‘Recover’. You will be given two choices; ‘Recover to Device’ and ‘Recover to Computer’. Choose as you need.

Hopefully this article can help you in recovering text messages that have been deleted, either intentionally or unintentionally.



By Diksha Yadav

Diksha Yadav is software developer with 4+ year experience in .NET and C#. She is senior developer and team leader in MNC and part-time blogger. She has enjoyed numerous assignments with the Company including automotive testing.

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