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Electronic logging device is a certified electronic hardware. It is used for connecting the vehicle’s device to recording driving hours. It has a screen on which the current status is monitored by the driver. Whenever the DOT inspectors need print hour logs than from these devices they can provide the data. There are numerous eld devices. In this article, some of them are discussed in order to understand their working.

Various electronic logging devices

Keep trukin Eld:

It is one of the easiest and reliable eld devices. It is made keeping in mind drivers and to date, it has proven to be the best solution. It could be plugged directly into the vehicle’s diagnostic port using cables that are provided in the package. This device records a driver’s active hours and tells the fleet manager about the idling time of the vehicles. The logbook app could be used for creating vehicles inspections. Therefore, logs could be viewed easily once this eld device is installed properly.

Rand McNally:

It is another famous and most trusted eld devices. It is used for navigation, maps and travel content. It provides very straightforward and the electronic logging option which is also of very low cost. When it is synchronized with a driver’s Android phone or tablets then it can create secure compliance solutions. Thus, it meets both federal requirements as well as driver’s budget.

Garmin eLog Compliant ELD:

It is one of the easiest routes to ELD compliance. It has a very simple setup and moreover, it is a one-time purchase and one will not have to even pay the subscription fees. It records the hours of service according to FMCSA and ELD mandates. It also helps in storing the records securely on any compatible mobile device. For getting started, drivers will have to just download the app to their smartphone and complete the compliance solution.

Blue Ink BIT ELD:

It provides the simplest mandate compliance with the best benefits. The most beneficial fact is there is no contract nor any monthly fees. This is suitable for independent drivers and small fleets. It is cheaper than any other device available in the market.  It could be plugged in straight into the truck’s diagnostic port, then paired with the smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth.

DashLink ELD by BigRoad:

It provides ELD compliance and it satisfies the driver’s experience at a reasonable price. These eld devices are useful for drivers who prefer to keep the logs on their smartphones. There are some additions of hardware that enables the connection of the app to the truck’s engine data possible. Thus, it is one of the simplest and user-friendly and cost-effective options. It is very helpful when it comes to providing easy to use log at a reasonable price.

Above discussed are some of the common eld devices which make management of the vehicles easier for both fleet manager as well as for the drivers. In order to use this app, one has to download and install it successfully on their smartphones. 

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