Everything a Personal Trainer Needs to Know About Home Workouts vs Gyms

Are you a personal trainer who wants to help people become healthier and look better? There was once a time when you could only find personal trainers at gyms. But these days, it’s become more common to hire personal trainers who directly visit the client’s home as well. Both these roles may be for personal trainers, but training someone at home can be a lot more difficult than at a gym. As a personal trainer, you need the right equipment to help you help your client. And while a gym probably has what you need, the client may not have it at home. There are advantages to personal training at home as well. It’s a way to bring consistency into your client’s health routine. While they may not visit the gym regularly, if you visit them at home, they have no choice but to exercise. 

You can always try both, but personal trainers usually pick one or the other. This helps them structure their routines and cater their services exclusively to clients who need certain services. 


Why do people visit gyms? 

The primary reason why people get a gym membership is to enjoy access to various equipment that can be very expensive to purchase otherwise. Since a majority of the equipment is specialized, personal trainers at gyms are also there to help clients use the equipment properly. 

If someone tries to lift weights and goes beyond their capacity, this can damage their health. This is where a personal trainer would step in to help the client and offer them a workout routine better suited to them. 

Gyms are also useful for personal trainers as you can find the best equipment available. This gives you everything you need to help your clients reach their fitness goals. You can also give classes at gyms! Gym classes are a huge draw for many people where they get to look and feel better while also socializing with a group. 

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Who Trains at Home? 

Training at home has surged in popularity ever since personal training apps started giving people advice on how to workout at home. Most people eventually realize, however, that a personal trainer can take them much further than they can go alone. 

Personal trainers who offer training services at home can easily be found online, traveling to the client’s home, often on a weekly basis.  Personal trainers can create a routine that can help the client improve their health with diet and exercise, but they have to take into consideration the equipment at hand. 

The client may not always want to buy new equipment, and you won’t always be able to carry heavy equipment to their home on a weekly basis either. 

This is why small dumbbells, skipping ropes, HIIT, aerobics, and other forms of freehand training are more popular at home. 

Gyms vs At Home: Which is Better? 

Both have their advantages and disadvantages. 

  • Gym memberships can be very expensive for many people. They may prefer to train from home because it’s easier on the budget. 
  • Training from home can only take you to a certain level. People who seriously want to build their body will need to use the right kind of equipment. And they will need access to specialized equipment on a regular basis. Gyms are suited to people who have serious long term body goals. 
  • Gyms can be inconvenient for people who have a hectic work life. By the time they finish work and hit the gym, they find that the gym is already full of people who have come to the gym for the same purpose. This makes working out at home more convenient as it can be done whenever they like. 
  • People who want to exercise so that they can be healthy and want the freedom to choose when and where the exercise will prefer exercising from home. 
  • Training at home can be a lonely experience. At a gym, the client is surrounded by people. These people also act as motivation to keep on exercising. At home, this motivation is absent. So, the work of a personal trainer who offers home-based services is also to encourage and inspire. 
  • When it comes to working out, the kind of fitness goal determines whether the client needs a gym or not. If they only want to exercise on a consistent basis, then home-based training is perfect. But for serious goals, a gym is a must unless the client is willing to invest in expensive equipment. Keep in mind that, in this case, it may just be cheaper to get a gym membership. 
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