Benefits Of Yoga - Many Scientifically Proven

Yoga is a system of physical exercises which originated in ancient India. It became popular worldwide in the second half of the 20th century, and yoga studios can be found in most cities around the world. Yoga has considerable benefits and has long been considered an integral part of holistic medicine.  Multiple studies have confirmed the many mental and physical benefits of yoga. The word “yoga” means union, and it aims to unite the mind and body to work as one entity always in sync.

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The practice of yoga has many benefits for health – both physical and emotional. These have been proved conclusively in many studies. Let us take a good look at what yoga has to offer us.

Major Stress Reducer

It has been shown conclusively that yoga can work wonders to reduce emotional stress and make one relax easily. It acts by reducing the amount of cortisol secreted by the body. Cortisol is a stress hormone which triggers the fight or flight response. Due to cortisol our heart pounds and muscles tense making us able to react in an instant to danger. But it also has its downside in that it raises blood pressure and strains the heart. Too much cortisol also causes inflammation through our body which is the primary cause of most deadly diseases. Yoga practice for three months even significantly beings down fatigue, anxiety, and depression.

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Improves Cardiovascular Fitness

The physical activity of yoga makes our heart stronger and improves blood flow. It gets the blood pumping through various yogic exercises and relives the body of aches and pain. Better circulation reduces the risk of blood clots and stroke. Different poses which invert the body upside down makes the venous blood drain from our feet and sends fresh blood into our limbs. This would be of great help if one had edema or swelling of ankle and other joints.

Boost to Immunity

The practice of yoga asanas and pranayama (breathing technique) regularly has a very beneficial effect on our immune system and is able to prevent us from being attacked by pathogens. Strong immunity is able to make the body create antibodies when needed, and dependence on pharmaceutical drugs is significantly reduced. Since all drugs have some sort of side effect yoga is a perfect way to stay fit and healthy lifelong without the need for medication. It is best to use Big Basket Coupons for your grocery shopping.

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Reduces Anxiety

It is usual that people stumble across yoga when they are seeking a natural remedy for anxiety. It has demonstrable effects on lowering blood pressure the principal side effect of too much tension. By regularly performing asanas (as yogic poses are known) for 3-6 months blood pressure slowly returns to normal. This naturally leads to better heart health and contributes to longevity. Use Grofers Coupons to purchase everything that you require at less price.

Makes The Nervous System Stronger

Unfortunately, people who are under duress act in an unhealthy manner. They eat more junk food, smoke, drink and do not exercise. This has an adverse effect on their nervous system, and a weak nervous system lead to even more mental problems. Yoga makes us calm and more relaxed and keeps the body in its natural rhythm. This improves our nervous system which becomes able at capably handling fear and worry.

Better Flexibility

As we age our joints undergo wear and tear. They are unable to bend as much, and the range of motion is significantly reduced. This makes simple tasks like bending difficult. Yogic postures improve the joints by flexing them daily. The cartilage and tendons are systematically put under tension and relaxed making them robust and keeping them young. This prevents painful conditions such as arthritis from taking hold.

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Yoga Leads To Happiness

Practitioners of yoga always speak of a mental upliftment and joy due to their daily practice. The yoga postures have been created to induce a feeling of emotional well being and balance. It has been irrefutably shown that yoga leads to an increase of serotonin and reduction of monoamine oxidase. This helps in preventing sadness which has become an endemic part of our emotional lives.


The benefits of yoga are so many and widespread that it has not been possible for science to evaluate it thoroughly. The few mentioned above are the proven benefits and help yoga practitioners lead long healthy and fruitful lives. It is extremely possible that there are many more yet undiscovered and un-researched.   

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