Creative Ways To Add Storage To Smaller Spaces

Home storage is unarguably essential for organization, clean, and clutter-free. Without enough storage space, your home can quickly become messy as clutter gathers at every end. But most smaller homes don’t come standard with enough cupboards, drawers, and other forms of storage. With this, homeowners and residents alike need to find storage solutions.

So whether you are living in a small apartment or your home simply lacks enough practical storage space, these creative solutions will help you make your home more spacious. 

Invest In A Storage Sofa

Adding more storage space to a living room is often pretty challenging, even more so if your living room is smaller than most. Fortunately, some sofa designs can add storage to even the tiniest space. Storage sofas convert the entire floor area of the sofa into storage space; the couch cushions out to reveal ample storage place where you can stow away your belongings. 

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Choose A Multi-Functional Coffee Table

Why have a regular coffee table when you can have a multi-functional coffee table that serves as extra storage space? Multi-functional coffee tables with drawers, shelves, or fold-out designs are a great investment for smaller living rooms and minimalist interiors. You can also find side tables with drawers to keep smaller items stored away inside. Moreover, TV consoles with drawers are a better choice than open-shelf display cabinets. 

Get A Blanket Box

Throws, scatter cushions, and extra blankets can take up quite a bit of cupboard space. And it’s not so convenient to have to reach the top of your cupboards every time you want to use an extra blanket. Ottoman storage cubes or blanket boxes are the perfect solution. With this, ottoman storage cubes can double up as a bit of extra seating as well. 

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Use The Space Under Your Bed

The space under your bed is pretty much wasted if you aren’t keeping storage drawers or shallow plastic storage boxes. You can keep bed linen, clothing, shoes, and so much more beneath your bed with the right storage solutions. 

If the idea of plastic containers doesn’t appeal to you, then you could consider switching up your bed base for one with drawers or investing in an ottoman bed frame that converts the entire bed into a storage solution. 

Switch Shelves For Drawers

Shelving is great for storing items like books that can act as decor. However, a limited number of things can neatly be stored on shelves, so it can be a space-wasting decision to install shelving. Instead, you can invest in a dresser, chest of drawers, or a server that offers drawer space. 

The right furniture designs really can help you make the most of your living space. But even though there are tons of creative furniture designs on the market to store excess belongings in your home, adding more storage space won’t make a difference if you don’t keep things organized. So be sure to deep clean and declutter your home twice a year to get the most out of your living space. 

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