Seamlessly Improve Home Storage With These Easy Tips

Your home may be clean, and it may be decorated, but is it organized? What kind of convenient storage options do you have in your kitchen or bathroom? If you have one or more junk drawers and closets stuffed with things you never use, then you could use some home storage. After all, what’s the point of having a guest bedroom if it’s filled with all the things that don’t have a place? These tips will show you to use tools, shelves, and alternative ideas like easier storage with Colson caster, series 2 wheels.


Get Your Kitchen Straight

The kitchen is the lifeblood of any home. It’s where you come to meet and eat, so they say. That’s why it’s so important to arrange your kitchen with items that you use every day and items that you’ll use occasionally. The kitchen is also one of those places where small items just get misplaced if they’re not organized. You can make quick work of any meal or clean up by having convenient storage options for these small items. Here are a few ideas we like best for the kitchen:

  • Tack your carton of trash bags and Ziploc bags to the inside of your pantry door.
  • Use old folder organizers as a cheap solution to organizing cutting boards, plastic wrap, aluminum foil, and other items that go together.
  • Set up a tea tin with dividers so you can organize all of your tin together in your own custom box.
  • Using baskets, liners, or even wood, you can turn your extra drawers into veggie holders for your onions, garlic, and potatoes. This keeps them off the counter where they tend to roll around.
  • Put a tension rod in a bottom cabinet to hang your spray bottles on.
  • Put a pegboard in the bottom of your drawer to organizer any dishes and bowls.

Take Control of Your Clutter

You can make even the smallest closets more functional and organized using towel bars and shower curtain rings. Want to know some of the other secrets?

  • Use PVC pipes cut into small circles to keep your underwear tidy in the drawer
  • Use a letter organizer to separate sandals and flip flops.
  • Use tacks and pins in corkboard to hold your hat, scarves, belts, and jewelry.
  • Cut the tops off of your clean plastic soda bottles to create shoe holders for flats and sandals.
  • Line boxes with patterned liners and creates dividers to store different chords or tools.
  • Line toilet paper tubes with patterned tape and label for different chords, important papers.
  • Use stickers and small post-its to label your chords.
  • Create a family charging station with a wooden box and dividers, cutting a hole in the back to move wires through to the phone. See this fun home decor and storage project here.
  • Buy more hanging shoe organizers to put away all kinds of things (including your shoes). These work for chords, tools, jewelry, nail polish, underwear, socks, scarves, and just about everything in between.
  • Use a spice rack in the bathroom or bedroom to organize perfume, makeup, jewelry, and anything else that’s laying around your vanity and dresser.
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Other Cool Ideas to Organize Your Home

If you are constantly losing things or misplacing your keys, then you probably need more storage to get organized in areas of your home that just “collect” things. These are some of the unique ideas we found in our search for more storage options. We especially like using Colson series 2 casters to create portable storage. What a great idea to move craft storage and tables out of the way.

  • Use magnets to hold your makeup upright, keeping everything in its place and not jumbled
  • Use magnet tape on the upright inside parts of your bathroom drawers or vanity to hold bobby pins and little tools, such as your nail file and tweezers.
  • Use command strip hooks on the inside of your cabinets to hold spray bottles, hair care tools, and anything else with chords.
  • Use old muffin tins to organize tools, nails, tacks, paper clips, rubber bands, and anything else that’s cluttering up your drawers.
  • Stack tin cans or mason jars to hold pens, scissors, markers, matches, and other office supplies laying around.
  • Paint old buckets and pails to store your mail.
  • Store kids’ toys in a shoe organizer that hangs on the door.
  • Use a hanging fruit basket to store items for the bath, such as soaps or toys.
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Organize Your Home for Everyday Use

Not sure where to start? If you have a lot of “stuff” in your home that just doesn’t have a place, then you should think about the last time you used those items. If it’s been a long time, but you still can’t part with it, then you may want to think about setting up one large bin or shelf where all of these important items can go. Of course, you can’t keep everything, but that’s the point of getting clutter-free. Choose The Best Home Products With Us on

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