Perhaps, all of us know the power of Instagram as an exceptionally amazing marketing platform. With more than 25 million business profiles worldwide, companies use Insta to introduce new products to the users. Further, more than 200 million users visit at least one business profile. 

With such a huge potential, we can imagine how companies like Coca Cola and Nike dominate the space. But, what if you own a small-scale business? Well, you don’t need to be an enterprise-sized company to leverage the benefits of Instagram!  

By using simple tips, you can still compete with the ‘big guys.’ Here are a handful of things you can do add value to your business-


Create A Business Instagram Account

The first step is to create a short, catchy bio that will tell your real Instagram followers what you are all about. It involves summarizing your business, products, and services in a way that attracts the target audience. 

Some of the tips to create a business profile are:

  • Include a brief opening sentence to show your brand’s philosophy. It should be simple, concise, and reflect all the necessary information.
  • Though you can’t use hyperlinks in the Instagram posts, you can induce a link back to your site in the bio.
  • Choose a username, logo, or photo that illustrates who you are. 
  • You can use emojis, spacing, and other tricks to make your bio stand out from the crowd. 
  • Use a hashtag relevant to the post or picture you are posting.

A Tip to Remember: Don’t overdo the account with hashtags as it will make you appear spammy and desperate. Stick to 3 to 5 hashtags per post and not more than that.

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Optimize Bio On the Page: 

The first thing that people notice on an Instagram page is the ‘bio.’ An impressive, short, and catchy bio put a good impression on the visitors. If impressive, it can convert those visitors to leads. However, the challenge here is that you only have 150 characters, which means you really have to work hard to put-up everything. Add clickable links, hashtags, a call to action button, and more.

Create Great Instagram Posts That Appeals Your Target Audience

Do you know what kind of content will engage your followers on Instagram? If no, it’s time to research. Go through the competitors’ accounts and find out which type of posts get the most response there. By doing so, you will get an idea about creating your content. 

You can start with posting:

  • Inspirational Posts
  • Employee selfies with your products
  • Product Images 
  • Blog Post Images

Offer Promotions to Your Instagram Followers

Besides creating content to describe products and build a story around the brand, Instagram is a great place to share promotions, discounts, and current sales. You can mention the sale or promotion in the caption of your photo or create an image with text overlaid. 

You can use user-generated content to show off your products on the Insta page. Tell them that you’ll tag those users in your post who will generate good-quality content constantly. Since they also love to grow their following, offering them promotion benefits you and the customers as well.

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Host Instagram Contests to Drive Engagement

It is a common fact that people love free stuff. Instagram contests provide you with a great opportunity to engage with real Insta followers. You can encourage your fans to participate by clicking photos and mentioning your hashtag for a chance to win.

It serves the function of allowing your genuine Instagram followers to do promotional work for you. If they use your brand’s name in their posts or pictures, the business will be exposed to a whole new audience. It provides a way to establish the company’s identity and drive traffic organically.

However, to kick start your business strategy, you can buy Instagram followers instantly from online service providers.

Measure Your Progress by Tracking Key Metrics

All your marketing efforts will get wasted if you don’t track their efficacy. If the goal is to grow your Instagram presence, focus on growing your followers, or increasing the number of likes. Further, in case you want to increase the sales, measure the clicks back to your site. 

After determining what exactly do you want to measure, use the Instagram analytics tool to track the data. It will give an idea of where you need to improve your marketing plan.

Sponsored Posts: 

A sponsored post is one of the great tools to target more audience. Just keep in mind to measure the amount of engagement on your previous posts and then create the new one. 

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Growing a small-scale business on Instagram won’t happen overnight. But, the bright side of using this platform is that it has active users who love to engage. Once you get the ball rolling, your business will eventually start to build organically. Put these easy tips into action and take your brand’s image to new heights.

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