Can You Host WordPress on VPS Hosting?

WordPress is a crowd-favorite when it comes to Content Management System platforms available nowadays. It has more than 33% of websites created worldwide under this platform. However, WordPress hosting is a top choice, other various web hosting providers host WordPress with multiple servers. If you choose virtual private server (VPS) hosting, can you host your website with it?


Is It Possible To Host A Website On A VPS Hosting?

While it may sound quite complicated, you can host your WordPress website even if you have chosen virtual private server hosting as your business hosting plan. It’s easy to do with a few easy-to-follow steps. Though WordPress hosting is a preferred option, it does not limit you with alternatives. For instance, you can have a look at Mangomatter’s WordPress hosting comparison to see what hosting type is ideal for your website. They also offer honest reviews and recommendations about the top-rated, reliable, and credible web host providers.

There are different ways on how you can install WordPress while using a dedicated or VPS hosting. First, you need to check a few essential factors to do it successfully. If you have doubts, some experts can do this task for you quickly.

Running WordPress on your chosen hosting plan requires a few vital aspects. There are fundamental system requirements needed to run your site on WordPress. These include the following:

  1. Linux – as your operating system
  2. Apache – as the web servers software
  3. MySQL – as the required database software
  4. PHP – as your coding language needed for WordPress

Though these system requirements are traditionally offered by default settings on every web hosting service, it’s essential to double-check these features to be on the safe side. 

One of the most efficient ways to get your site installed and running through WordPress is to allow experts to do it. But that can add a few extra fees on your end. However, it will simplify the tasks for you. If you’re into technical aspects, then there’s no need to hire anyone as you can easily do it alone. 

  • Managed VPS hosting does all this administrative task and lets you focus on how to grow your business instead. There are tons of benefits you can get with managed hosting like they will handle maintenance and security, site optimization, administration, and operation. 

If you want to do it alone, there are three ways on how you can do that. 

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How To Install WordPress With A VPS Hosting?

There are three effective methods on how you can install WordPress into your chosen web host server: (1) Using cPanel installation, (2) using FTP, and (3) command-line installation

  • Using Control Panel

This is a pretty straightforward approach to installing WordPress into your server’s control panel (cPanel) if the option is supported. The control panel serves as your interface in building email addresses dedicated to your site, database setup, and monitoring site visitor statistics. 

Softraculous and Fantastico are two widely-known software installers for cPanels. These tools enable you to install WordPress by providing a few pieces of information regarding your website and a few button navigations.

  • Using FTP

If the control panel is not available or installed from your server or prefers to have custom control into the procedure, you can install WordPress to the web hosting server via FTP. There is some software required to be successful in this process. It will require you to use software like CyberDuck (Mac) or FileZilla (Windows) to host WordPress through FTP. 

  • Using Command-Line Installation

On the other hand, using a command line to install WordPress requires technical know-how and can be an intimidating process for several people. You have to be neither comfortable with command line usage via terminal application nor willing to understand how the process works. 

It requires you to have SSH access with your website server. It’s conventional for WordPress virtual private server hosting or dedicated hosting but is not accessible if you’re into shared hosting.

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Since WordPress is a popular CMS platform, several third-party support tools help simplify these tasks. It enables you to customize your website from themes, plugins, add-ons completely, and more, both paid and free. As soon as you finish installing WordPress on your website, you’ll have unlimited options to custom-fit your website to your preference. 

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