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The importance of security for websites

How do you find out if the web host of your choice is trustworthy? There have been many incidences before where a web host misuses the trust of their clients. If you are setting up a website for business purposes, you must be ready to invest in security.

You should only choose a web host that guarantees the security of your data, that of your customers and the security of your business as a whole. You should be aware of fake webs hosts out there. Before setting up your blog or e-commerce website, you need to use tools to dig out some information about the host.


Research with Reverse Phone Lookup

The best way to find out the genuine web host is by doing personal research. The use of reverse phone lookup is just but one of the ways. Using services like Spokeo reverse phone lookup, you can dig out some personal information about your host, including their location, true identity, and some background information.

Another great way of determining the genuineness of the web host is by reading reviews online. Read reviews and look for social proof from social media pages to see whether the host is responding to customer questions.

Software Updates and Backups

Software updates are a great way of ensuring that you secure your cyber properties. For instance, using an outdated firewall lives you exposed to new threats.

However, while updating your software is great, you should also be wary of malicious individuals who use such a chance to plant virus. Only update your software from authentic sources.

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Accessibility Settings

Most people assume that the duty of securing the website lies with the host. In reality, you have total control over your website. It is your choice to make whether the host has access to your website or not.

During the setup, you should look carefully for the features you authorize the host to access. You do not want your host accessing private user data.

Most countries have laws that protect customer data. If you allow the host to have access to individual data, you may be held liable if anything goes wrong. One of the best ways of protecting your brand from online fraud is by choosing a host that is reliable and setting in place measures that control his authority.

Other Security Tips

Besides Spokeo and the authorization, there are many other factors you can implement to have website secured.

Stick To Known Brands:

When choosing a web host, it is advisable to stick to known brands. Instead of choosing a little known company that may end up messing you up, choosing a trustworthy brand. Some of the leading brands such as GoDaddy and BlueHost offer very affordable rates. Chose a web host that can be tracked down in case of any loss.

Try Self Hosting:

Thanks to technology, you do not have to rely on a third party host. WordPress gives you the option to self-host your website at a very affordable cost. Instead of risking your entire investment with a third party host, find the right self-host platform and use it.

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Invest In Security:

If you have already set up your website and are worried about security, try securing it. You can either transfer your domain to another trustworthy host or put in place security measures. You can provide protective measures that limit the capacity of your host.


Online security is an issue that must be taken seriously. If you are thinking about setting up a blog or an e-commerce business, you must also think about losing it to hackers. There are many scammers online who pose as web hosting companies. Such companies will give you the chance to invest in your brand just for them to steal your important data.

If you do not want to become a victim of such hosts, you should be ready to invest in security. Bring on security experts to help offer solutions. Most importantly, perform your due diligence. Investigate every host you chose to work with before setting up your website.

The research tools and regular software updates will help you determine the genuineness and safety level of each web host.


Olga Andriichuk works as the content manager at Spokeo. Her field of expertise includes business, marketing, and personal growth. In her spare time, she enjoys yoga classes and exploring new destinations.

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