Azure Fundamentals Training: The Digital Transformation You Have Been Waiting

If you enjoy your coffee, you’ve heard of Starbucks. There are over 30,000 Starbucks cafes around the world and they must all offer identical drinks. As you would imagine, manually programming machines individually for every new drink would be a nightmare. To introduce new recipes, Starbucks relies on Microsoft Azure. Having a team with Azure fundamentals training empowers the brand to connect all their machines to the cloud and update recipes directly. 

Many other brands have also experienced a digital transformation with Azure. Now, it’s time for your brand to be added to the list. So, what is Azure and how can it help your brand grow.

Simply put, Azure is a public cloud computing platform. It offers a host of services for virtual computing, analytics, networking, storage, and more. The platform is favored for being fast, flexible, and budget-friendly. It has a quick learning curve and can be easily integrated with the Microsoft tools you are already using. Here’s what you can achieve with Azure.


Know Your Operations

Azure is the cloud platform offering Machine Learning, Bots, Blockchain as a Service, and Cognitive APIs capabilities. This allows it to leverage SQL and NoSQL data services to dig deeper into data available to you and derive actionable insights. 

You can keep an eye on your Key Performance Indicators, get maintenance alerts, and more. By capturing and analyzing real-time information, you get to know your operations better and can make an informed decision on business processes for the future.  

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Increase ROI

One of the things that set Azure apart from its competitors is its affordability. It follows a pay-as-you-go model that can be scaled up as your business grows. Thus, you only pay for the services that are relevant to you.

 In this way, it minimizes down your IT administration costs while you enjoy a technological advantage. Combining Azure with IoT sensors further helps reduce operational costs. For example, sensors on motors could indicate when the machine is not in use and shut it down remotely thus saving on power consumption. 

When it comes to the Azure fundamentals training your team would require, once again the choices for courses are extensive and affordable. Ideally, your team should have completed Azure certification courses.

Boost Productivity

Microsoft Azure has unique hybrid capabilities that facilitate data sharing between on-premises infrastructure and the cloud. This encourages collaboration and empowers your team to get their work done quickly even if they’re not in the same office. 

Azure’s PaaS capabilities also allow them to design and develop their own web solutions and apps to accelerate business growth. These apps are autonomous, easy to scale and can be integrated into on-premise apps. Thus, your team now doesn’t have to wait for a developer and can be more efficient. 

Optimize Customer Experiences

For a brand to grow, you must constantly improve your customer service. With Azure, you can offer hybrid and cloud networking services for richer customer experience. A single dashboard for all services makes the services easier to manage and automate. 

You can now easily onboard customers and offer them a unified experience across physical stores, the website, and shopping apps. Azure also helps you personalize customer experiences to build customer loyalty and trust. For example, Starbucks uses Azure’s machine learning capabilities to make past-buying-behavior-based suggestions on their app.

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Scale-Up Securely

Azure’s pay-as-you-go model allows you to start small and scale your infrastructure up to match your business needs. As a cloud-based platform, it reduces your dependency on-premise infrastructure and makes it easier for you to grow. 

Applications can be easily run and scaled up without any need for additional coding. It also keeps your data and infrastructure security as you grow. Azure boasts one of the best compliance coverage services that position you as trustworthy in the eyes of your customers. 

Making The Most Of Microsoft Azure

Investing in technology is only one half of using it to transform your business. You also need to invest in your human resources. This is what Azure certification courses are designed for. Depending on an individual’s role, they can choose a learning path most relevant to them. 

Courses can be conducted as in-person classes, public programs, or online programs. They can even be scheduled on weekends so that they don’t interfere with working hours. So, are you ready to use Azure and bring about a digital transformation? Get your team enrolled in an Azure fundamentals training module today!

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