Say It with Love and Care and Let Them Know About It

When we really fall for someone and we have feelings for them we really wait for them to know so that if they are interested we as well get into a relationship. We might be one sided lovers as well, but it is extremely important we let them know about our feelings.

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If the feeling is mutual, many opportunities will be lost to be together, so if we really like someone we should not delay and find out the truth and if the response from them is negative and if not, we can find out the truth and confession our feelings to them and know if they also want us in their lives.

Some of the ways in which we can confess our feelings are as follows:

Say It with Flowers

The best way with which we can confess our love or crush for someone would be to send flowers and a note with everything written on it. We might not be very comfortable in going personally to a store and writing everything in front of other people, so we can contact an online florist and there we can easily write in the personal notes of whatever we want to. If we stay in a bit faraway place from our crush we do not have to feet and worry about how and what will happen to our plans. All we must do is contact the concerned person and online flower delivery shall be done. So, there is no chance of missing out on anything. All we must do is provide the correct delivery details and the rest will be taken care of. Most of the times flowers bring a wide smile to the face of everyone and if we confess of love with a bunch of roses and a personalised note along with it, this is surely going to bring in a lot of positivity and success in the relationship.

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Plan Out on An Outing and Say It There

You can always plan to hang out together and talk about everything there. When you meet your crush, this time practice a few things and show them that you care and make them feel the difference. Give them a lot of compliments and don’t make it look like its coming from a friend. Try touching them at times subtly and if they’re wise enough, they’ll understand. We should try making eye contact whenever possible to let them know that you like them and when they talk back, have a loving face on you. Also, we can give a personal touch to the conversation and get into somewhat deeper roots to let them know that you want to know more about them since you like them. Also try mentioning in your examples in place of their lovers and quote in examples for them. If they’re wise enough, they’ll understand that you have fallen deep for them and they will act accordingly.

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Texting Rules

In the present-day lobe affair social media and texting makes quite a big difference in all your lives and that is the reason why it is said that if you like someone and they text you, do not take ages to reply. Give them answers on time and that will do half your work. Delayed replies only stabilise that we have no interest on them and it is not encouraging to start a healthy relationship.  So even if we are busy at work, our replies to the texts if not instantly but at regular intervals can make them realise that we care for them. I hope you would like also how to impress someone.

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