There is something satisfying in watching pictures of those perfectly arranged, elegant, and tidy beds that can be found all over interior design magazines and websites. Isn’t everyone’s vision of a sleep sanctuary, a sleek and elegant looking bed, with all the bedding details and the rest of the bedroom in the same color palette? Although it seems simple to make our bed, put on some nice sheets and decorative pillows, our beds usually look far from those ideal pictures. 

To be honest, we are all lazy sometimes when it comes to tidying our bed, because who has the time to mess around it every morning, especially with the sheets. However, with only a few simple tricks and steps, your bed can also look as neat as the ones you see online. Making your bed does not take much time, and it can create a more pleasant and relaxing sleep environment.


Step by Step 

No matter if you have a regular or an adjustable bed, it should be tidy and look neat. The market is currently overflooded with various bedding products, so we understand if you are not sure where to start or if you are wondering do you actually need all those layers. The easy part is to pick a color or a pattern that matches the rest of your bedroom. Now you just have to put it all together.

  • The Sheets

Sheets can make a difference in comfort, but you have to pick the right material. It is best to always go for natural materials such as cotton. With so many types of sheets available, people are no longer sure if they need them, and how to layer them exactly. 

First, you start with a fitted sheet, that goes right on your mattress. Fitted sheets are easy to put on thanks to the elastic band; start from the upper corners, and pull it down till the foot of the bed, smooth it up a little if necessary, and that is it.

Above it, you should place a flat sheet. Simply lay it over the fitted sheet, and make sure to center it so that it falls equally over both sides. Tuck the top and bottom part of the flat sheet underneath the mattress, and then move to the sides. First, fold the corners that are hanging out, and then tuck in the entire side, securing that the folded corners are tightly in their place. By doing so, you should get a neat and sleek result, but do not stress out if it does not look perfect after the first time, after a while, you will become better at it, or even find your own technique.

  • Where to Place a Blanket

If you prefer using a blanket for extra warmth, you can place it over the sheets. Make sure that the top hem is right below the pillow. Spread the sides evenly, and tuck them in by following the same process we use for flat sheets. If your blanket has a pattern and it is aesthetically pleasing, you can use it as a final touch, and throw it over your topper.

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  • Choose a Topper

Your topper dictates the tone of the entire bedroom because it is the largest visible piece, and the color or pattern of that surface will dominate your bedroom. You can choose between a duvet, quilt, comforter, or bedspread, and place it above the sheets or the blanket, depending on your preference. Keep the top of your topper at the bottom of the pillow area, and center it so that all sides are falling over equally. You can even fold the upper part of the flat sheet over the toper, to get that hotel room appearance.

  • Leave Enough Space for Pillows

You can never have too many pillows, right? If you want your bed arrangement to resemble the magazine ones, you will need more than one pillow per person. Place your sleeping pillows next to the headboard, and then you can place one or even two rows of different sized shams, and finish it all with throw pillows. Throw pillows can be rectangular, rounded, or any shape that goes along with your style. You do not have to use shams and throw pillows, but they will give your bed that touch of luxury and wealth.

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  • Final Touch

For a final touch, you can throw over a blanket as we mentioned; it can even be an extra one. So, you can have one beneath the topper for warmth, and the other one was thrown over it or neatly folded as a piece of decoration. Besides that, you can use a thin quilt, or if the topper is effective enough, you do not have to use anything else. Arrange the details on your bedside tables, or curtains, wallpapers, etc. to be in similar tones, and you will get a hotel-like bedroom with one neatly organized bed. 

The Bottom Line

You know that feeling when you get into a hotel room, the bed is perfectly tidy, all the layers are in their place, and you just want to snuggle and fall asleep? Well, with a little bit of patience, you can have that experience in your bedroom, every single day. Play some music and turn this into your routine, it will not take much longer than one or two of your favorite songs, and you will feel much better after you get it done.

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Author’s Bio:

Pamela Lezama is an interior designer. Her skills and passion enable her to help people in making their dream house into a reality. She is not just particular on the designs, but she also makes sure that the quality of the bed and mattress she chooses are topnotch.

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