Your health is your wealth. According to health experts, eating healthy food and regular exercise go a long way in prolonging a person’s life. Exercising allows you to keep tabs on your heart rate and blood pressure, which are excellent indicators of one’s health. Ideally, checking blood pressure is done by medical professionals, but this has changed over time. It is now possible to monitor your blood pressure using a watch. The watch is designed to monitor the heartbeat of the wearer and give information on their blood pressure as well. 


How easy is it to use a blood pressure watch?

Technological advances in the healthcare industry have made it possible for individuals to check their blood pressure. The blood pressure watch is designed with the user in mind and can be used by people of different ages. If you decide to use the watch, you only need to place it on the wrist, and it will work as expected. It is also important to note that some blood pressure watches are recommended for home use, while others can be used in different locations.

So, how does the watch work?

  • For the smartwatch to work as expected, it needs to be placed at the right place on the wrist. Ensure that you follow the instructions given by the manufacturer of the watch on the best place to put it while in use. 
  • The watches have a miniature cup underneath them that fit perfectly into the band, allowing it to come into contact with the wearer’s wrist. The cup has a pump that inflates, enabling it to take blood pressure readings.
  • To ensure the band of the watch expands and puts pressure on the wrist, it has in-built threads made of stainless steel to make it much heavier than regular watches. The quality of the watch much better because of the functions it has to perform. 
  • When placed on the wrist and pressure is felt, the blood pressure is measured using both a light receiver and light source. The light source and receiver analyze the wearer’s bloodstream by shining into the radial artery on the wrist and recording its findings. 
  • Even when asleep, the blood pressure watch continues to monitor the heart rate automatically and keeps the readings as part of the records. In most cases, the records are shared with your doctor for further analysis. 
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Best blood pressure smartwatches in 2019

Blood pressure watches are being embraced by people suffering from hypertension and other related conditions. The watches can also be purchased by healthy people that want to keep tabs on their blood pressure while exercising. No matter your reason for buying the watch, you can choose the most suitable one from the many available for sale. Some of the most popular blood pressure smartwatches are listed below. 

  • Maxtop Blood Pressure Monitor Watch

The Maxtop smartwatch is compatible with both Android and iOS phones, making it acceptable to most phone users. It is rich in features with the most notable one being its ability to monitor a person’s heart rate and blood pressure. The watch also has other functions such as sleep monitoring, calorie counter and sedentary monitoring which is ideal for health enthusiasts. Its overall look is appealing and is enhanced by the leather band that fits perfectly on any wrist. Additionally, the watch is user-friendly and can be used for young and older people for blood pressure monitoring. 

  • IProven Digital automatic watch

The iProven Digital is an excellent alternative for individuals that find it uncomfortable to use the regular blood pressure machine. Instead of a cuff around the arm, users have the cuff wrapping around their wrist from where it measures the blood pressure. During measurement, the watch inflates automatically making it easy to use. Besides, your blood pressure, the watch also monitors the heartbeat and records the findings. Users of the watch, can see the results on the LCD screen of the watch and share the information with their doctor. Also, the results are stored in the device, allowing you to compare previous and current results so that you can make appropriate changes to your lifestyle. 

  • Omron’s HeartGuide smartwatch

The brand Omron has always been associated with blood pressure machines, making the release of a HeartGuide smartwatch a normal progression. The watch is innovative and has been designed with impressive technology that is similar to a regular blood pressure machine. The HeartGuide is FDA approved, which means that it has been tested and confirmed to give accurate results to users. Also, it is easy to use and works automatically after pressing a few buttons with the results being delivered quickly. Apart from monitoring blood pressure, the HeartGuide smartwatch also helps in tracking sleep, burnt calories, distance and steps during exercise. Additionally, the smartwatch has a mobile app that gives insights into the impact of your blood pressure on other aspects of your life. 

  • Apple Watch Series 4

The Apple Watch Series 4 is one of the most ambitious leaps by the company when it comes to smartwatches. The watch is a combination of a fitness tracker, heart monitor, blood pressure checker, and complete monitoring system. Its features vary with the most obvious being the large display which makes the reading of information easier. The watch is easy to interact with when strapped onto the wrist and easily monitors your behavior for better results. Its foray into the healthcare space has been embraced by the American Heart Association and FDA making it worth buying for personal use. 

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  • Samsung Galaxy watch 

The Samsung Galaxy smartwatch seeks to improve a person’s wellness by allowing them to monitor their blood pressure and heart rate. The watch actively tracks various activities done by the user, making it an efficient workout companion. Buying the Galaxy watch also gives users a chance to interact with its superb design and multiple applications. 

Overall, blood pressure watches are a great way to monitor your health or that of a loved one while on the go.

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