Remote control trucks are the latest craze among kids and also adults as they are great to keep the adrenaline running ensuring that they do not topple over.They could manage some very tough terrains but it would test your kids driving skills even if he or she gets it wrong the first few times they are sure to improve when time goes on.

Driving these monsters, if that is what you would like to call them is a very skillful endeavor and it is not child’s play really, but skill levels at the optimum.

Unlike normal remote control cars which we have been using for some time, these trucks have state of the art suspension systems, 4 wheel driving and powerful motors to take you anywhere.They are versatility at its best and your skill in navigating your truck over rocks, sand and rough trails could be matched with the machine you would have at your command.It is the real thing but the only difference would be that you are not inside it but outside which still gives immense impetus to tackle any terrain you would encounter.

Getting one for your kid would be quite an arduous task, as it would need to meet some challenges your kid would like to put it through, hence if you seemore, picking up the best would be easy.There is no doubt that they are made to overcome any terrain that your kid would like to put it through, and with such a powerful machine under your kid’s control he or she is sure to learn the finer points in driving skills.

The new remote control trucks that are available have a special air about them and that is their ability to take any command that one would give it, to climb over the impossible.The hardy off-road tires have the ability to place the remote control truck in any difficult situation but ensure that it has the ability to get out of it.

If you intend getting one for your kid, seemore as it would be prudent to check the following so that you are sure that you have made the right choice.

On what sort of terrain would you use its

It would be prudent to know on what type of terrain your kid would be putting it through its paces to do so seemore, then a decision would be quite easy. The roughness of the terrain would require a real off-roader for which there are many with super suspensions and the ability to tilt dangerously to a side but still come through unscathed. This would primarily be due to the versatility of the trucks suspension system which allows the four wheels to move in very awkward positions but still accomplish the task at hand.

The power behind the truck

This is what would propel it over the roughest of terrains and push it to optimum limits which would generally be delivered by battery run motors. Seemore and check out the power of the motors because anything above 500 watts would be ideal as that is quite a punch when you need it. Only then would it have that whirring at optimum when your kid needs it to go wherever he would want it to. The remote control would ensure that power could be enhanced when the truck encounters rough terrain hence pushing it to overcome any obstacle.

Waterproofed electrical components

It is imperative that all electrical components are waterproofed because you would not know when your kid would like to try his remote control truck with a splash of water. This is a standard feature in most remote control trucks but checking it out would be advisable because if it has faulty waterproofing the truck could just stop on it tracks. These are specifically built for off-road use hence waterproofing is a vital requirement and if it is well protected it could be used as long as possible, so seemore to get the one you want.

Strong undercarriage

The undercarriage should be strong and sturdy to meet any type of rough terrain and should be made with the hardest materials possible, so seemore to pick the right one.       It is sure to take a good beating about when it climbs over rocks, roots and similar areas which only a strong undercarriage would keep the rest of the remote control truck in one piece.


A two gear transmission would be ideal as it would allow for better control and also shift power to move over any rough terrain it would be put through. A power remote control would have two gear transmission hence getting one with this advantage would ensure that the truck would be able to negotiate any rough terrain it would encounter. A versatile transmission system would ensure that the truck has ample power which would be distributed effectively so that it has the impetus to propel itself to wherever it is directed.

Efficient and strong steering

The steering system should be strong, easily maneuverable, and sturdy so that the control at the remote would be easy enough to ensure it runs over any tough obstacle. The material used for the steering should also stand the test of time as it is bound to get some rough and tough banging around and just cannot give way with a few runs.

Spare parts availability

The availability of spare parts is another very important factor that would need to be considered before buying a remote control truck. It would be put through some rough terrain hence it is inevitable that the beating it will possibly take would need regular maintenance and replacement of parts. Choosing a model with ample spares availability would give you solace as you would not have to run from pillar to post when an issue crops up.

Upgrading kits

Most of the remote control trucks could be upgraded with separate kits and checking out what possibilities are available when you do need it, could be advisable too. These kits are available for different applications and knowing what you would buy would be prudent thinking especially when young kids need to experiment all the time.









By Diksha Yadav

Diksha Yadav is software developer with 4+ year experience in .NET and C#. She is senior developer and team leader in MNC and part-time blogger. She has enjoyed numerous assignments with the Company including automotive testing.

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