If you have visited the lake during the weekend or your free time looking for the perfect spot for fishing, you would know how important it is to pack up and be prepared for any situation. However, not everyone is a regular fisherman, and not everyone is knowledgeable with the basics.

So, if you are one of those newbies who are trying to learn how to fishing and what you should carry with you, here are some basics you should know.


Extra Hooks & Lines

You never know when you would need extra hook and extra lines, and a man who fishes should always be prepared. Be it because of a pounder, or a larger fish, who loves gnawing off your hooks, you would need some extra hooks when you are out in the wilderness.

The tackle in your fishing box depends on the type of fish you want to catch, and the weather conditions. If you are fishing a bit of rough conditions, you would need stronger lines for yourself. Either way, it is better to keep your fishing box stocked with different things.


Bobbers help you to know when a fish is biting your bait. They are also known as floaters, because when a fish bites the bait, it sinks, which is a signal for you to pull the line up. Depending on your choice, you can either choose plastic bobbers or you can choose normal round bobbers.


While you can land more fish with the normal hook, line and sinker, some special variety will respond to lures. With the help of these, you can bring in certain varieties of fish. When you are a regular of a specific area, you can definitely research about the lures, which will bring out your target easily.


Well, you would be a very bad fisherman if you cannot keep track of the time. So, make sure that you carry a waterproof wristwatch with you. Why water proof? This is because you never know when you will  have to lower your hands, and then your watch might take a dip in the water.

To make sure that it survives the dip, choose a waterproof variety. And if you can grab a smart watch, it is better, compared to the normal version of it.

Plastic Worms

While the fishes you are trying to catch are a great fan of live bait, it never hurts to have some plastic worms stored in your fishing kit or tackle box, especially if you are aiming for the bass variety.  To make it look convincing, you can definitely choose the longer plastic worms.

According to some pro fishermen, the bites do vary depending on  the color, and so make sure you carry  out some experiments before you start using these plastic worms regularly.

Final Words

So, now that you know about these essential kits, which you should keep in your tackle box, it is time to start fishing. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start that!

By Noor Mohammad

Noor Mohammad is a passionate Blogger, Internet Marketer. He had worked with several Digital Agencies as well as organizations. His main interests as a writer are in the biological field as well as new technologies. He is a keen gardener, pet lover and a DIY enthusiast, so you will find articles on these subjects too! He is presently enjoying a relatively quiet rural life after living for twenty busy years in Karachi.

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