AWS Solution Architect Certification

Which is the first thing that comes to mind when someone utters the words cloud computing? Most people will say AWS. This is not a statement; it is a fact that AWS is leading the world of cloud computing like no one else. Do you know AWS holds around one-third share of cloud market?  Yes, it is true.

AWS has dominated the market and that is why a lot of people are getting interested in it.  Well, the world is driven by money and it is no hidden secret that AWS makes a lot more revenue than the joint revenue of the other close competitors providing cloud service.

AWS launched its AWS solution architect certification to validate knowledge of experts against the industry’s ever-changing standards. Well, just keep on reading this write-up as you are going to learn a lot about it.


Who is a solution architect?

A solution architect is a professional who has a detailed knowledge of the cloud architectural principles. This person can lead the practice along with bringing in the best tech solution to solve various business problems.

Specific knowledge is required!

You must be aware of the fact that AWS is the world’s biggest provider of cloud services. AWS is pretty much accepted all over the globe. But, if one has to learn AWS solution architect certification, detailed knowledge is needed. It helps you to prove your aptitude to employers. Well, if you are certified, you can help your firm to raise its adeptness in developing AWS applications.

AWS certifications are those kinds of programs which can be position based. Well, they are designed mostly for professionals such as solution architect. It is true that it isn’t obligatory to have training prior to attempting these certification exams, but still, it proves as outstanding support.

The AWS solutions architect certification needs a good amount of effort and training.  If you want to clear the exam for this certification, coaching is imperative. A plethora of courses is aligned with the curriculum of AWS certification. These courses make it possible for you to get productive jobs from the biggest MNC’s and top companies. In this type of training, one works on real-time projects. These projects as well as assignments provide full knowledge of the industry requirements and play a pivotal role in lifting up your career to heights that you never imagined reaching.

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Want to know more about AWS certification? Let’s check out!

The AWS solution architect certification validates one’s technical skills and allows one to become familiar with the main services of AWS. “Professional and level” are the two main streams to which this certification is aligned to.

And a solution architect is a higher level professional. Of course, the lower or previous level is associate solution architect. First, you become an associate solution architect and then move further to the professional level.

One thing is for sure that once you get AWS certification, the demand for you will be high and a lot of MNC’s will be looking to take your services.

Target Audience

  •    Engineers solution design.
  •    A person with a basic knowledge of AWS.
  •    IT Professional.

Importance of AWS Solution Architect Certification!

AWS certification is pretty important, do you know why? It provides you with great opportunities to promote yourself as well as showcasing your technical skills.

Check out some points to throw some light on its benefits.

  •    Improved proficiency

IT sector is developing at the rate of knots; hence, there is a huge need for people having skills and the ones who are well-trained. Need a platform to enhance your skill set and become an expert in cloud platform? AWS certification is your destination. It will help you surpass everyone else.

  •    Higher Pay

If I say that the average salary of an AWS certified solution architect is $129,000 per annum, would you believe it? Yes, it is true! A recent survey confirms that. AWS solutions architect certification boosts up your opportunities a big time.

  •    Credibility

Getting this certification will certainly boost your credibility, which will open the flood gate for many job opportunities.

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Future of AWS Certified Solution Architect is bright!

Cloud computing technologies have made a huge impact on the careers of several IT professionals.  Having said that, it is only possible if you have AWS certification in your arsenal. So, if you are looking for a great future, AWS solution architect certification is what you need.

Benefits of AWS certification!

What is the need for certifications? Well, they validate your ability and tell that you got what it takes to do a certain job. As far as AWS solution architect certification is concerned, it is a certification of a higher level which will certainly make your resume shine. Having said that, only having AWS Solutions Architect Certification written on your resume is not enough. Nevertheless, it will take you pretty close to getting hired.  Who doesn’t want to get a big head start? Yes, it will give you the push you need to be in the top lists of a lot of big banners. Among the highest paying certifications, AWS is the best.

AWS- certified employees are skilled and many companies are waiting eagerly to hire them. Employers also know that if the person is having an AWS solution architect certification he/ she must be a capable employee.

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AWS Solutions Architect Certification Training!

You can gain a thorough understanding of AWS architectural principles with AWS certification training. The course and training will help you do well in AWS exam. With the help of this training, you will learn how to design as well as scale AWS cloud implementations with practices that are recommended by none other than Amazon. This certification comes with a lot of benefits; hence, taking proper coaching and training will do no harm. It is just a little investment in a great future.

Thus, be attentive towards your career and make a wise choice. Good luck!

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