Android Propose Motion is a Touch Animation engine with easy motion implementation
In other words, Propose provides an API to implement dynamic-interaction.
If you use Propose, you can create motion with just a few lines of code.

One of the hardest things to think about when developing a mobile app is

  • It was to create dynamic-interaction (motion) that attracted attention in the app.
  • It’s not like what you’ve done in the factory.
  • Developers will want to create compelling apps that are memorable for people, and active apps like games.

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But I could not find a way to do it easily.

graph     pager     cube

In general, you should use a code consisting of 1000 lines to create the motion as above
This is because algorithms are needed to represent physical coordinates and views.
If you need to do more, you will need to use a game engine. If you use an engine, you will not be able to use the skills and APIs and resources of Android.

Below you can see how easy it is to develop motion with the introduction video.

Android Propose Motion Story book Demo

Benefits and Applications

A common development method for touch motion redefines canvas and consumes significant development costs, such as touch operations.
Using Propose, you can implement easy motion and simple code maintenance.
Below is a comparison of general development and Propose when developing a 3D Flip screen.

General Development VS Android Propose Motion

Implement 3D Flip General Development Android Propose Motion
Development Difficulty Advanced Developer Beginner Developer
Code lines 500 to 100 lines 10 to 30 lines
Reuse / Scalability Modify the entire source code Adding and Combining Animations
Stability Thread self management (high error rate) Automatically manage threads in the Android SDK

Android Propose Motion development environment

Development environment Android SDK 3.0 or later. You can move views simply using the animation. However, if you want to make views move with acceleration following the finger just like flinging, it won’t be simple anymore. However, with the help of Propose, you can easily implement flinging motion.

Propose grants motion properties to property animation of Android.
In other words, touch related gestures can be easily conneceted to the property animation.
If you’re aware of property animation, you’re ready to use Propose.

Android Propose Motion Import

You can import libraries by adding the following code to your Android Gradle file

compile 'com.markjmind.propose: propose: 1.1. +'

Note: Gradle is a defalut build tool for Android, and Propose is automatically downloaded from JCenter.

Download this project


Cube – Source Moving view – Source


Graph – Source Sliding menu – Source


Cube Pager- Source Paper – Source


3D Flip – Source Blur sliding – Source


By Idan Ayalon

Idan Ayalon lived in Tel Aviv, Israel and studied at HackerU. He is an Android developer and working at Walla CODE which is a Media/News Company in Tel Aviv. Passionate about the new technologies and quick learner. In his free time, Idan loves to spend time with his lovely wife Anfisa Ayalon.

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