There is no doubt that everyone does not like to wait. Especially in the browsing of your favorite page or movie, facing the monotonous, nothing to load the page, simply boring boring!

In fact, there are studies that show that the average user can tolerate the longest time to load the page is generally 8 seconds. 8 seconds is a threshold, if the load time is longer than 8 seconds, unless the user must get some information on this page, the general user will close the page or go to other pages.

So in this short, how to use a small load progress bar to attract users, so that they stay in the current page? Here is a collection of 40 loading page design, although some just a simple dynamic design, but still let the page in the process of keeping the load full of fun.

Kitten you are caught ah

it is curious which site needs this …

Sandwich color is even better

Staring at the stop

Shrink back can not bear

Octopus students cute

Will jump the milk Jun


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