Android Oreo or Android 8.0

Google is the world largest tech firm and always release the latest update that stunned the whole public. Google has provided us a variety of platform; enhance the searching, the newsfeed and Android operating system for mobiles.

This time Google has updated the Android platform and improve the operating system with its latest update. Google has announced to release Android Oreo but the full consumer upgrade will available at last of this year. Read More>>

Android Oreo Key Features:

  • The every version of Android brought some major update and make sure that the platform will secure than the previous one. The newer version of Android can slow to roll out as just 14% of devices are using the Android Nougat.
  • Google’s own mobile phones Nexus and Pixel are expected to the first smartphone that will get the latest operating system of mobile phones.
  • Anyhow, the latest version of Android will bring these changes to the operating system and some of them are pretty important for the people.



Look and Feel:

Most of us see Android through the lens of whichever manufacturer’s UI we choose. This long-standing trend isn’t going to change in Oreo, and so bear in mind that when you get 8.0 on, for example, your Galaxy S8, it’ll look a bit different to what we’re reviewing here on Google’s Pixel devices.

Google Play Protect:

Working to keep your device and data safe from misbehaving apps by scanning over 50 billion apps per day, even the ones you haven’t installed yet!

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  • Google has launched the latest Android operating system and also update the operating system to protect the people from the risk of different apps. The OS will automatically detect the harmful apps installed in your mobile and remove them.
  • It will span more than 50 billion apps every day and remove those apps that are harmful to the people, this is the reason Google has best artificial intelligence.

Talk about a life saver

Whether you’re talking, playing, working or streaming, you can feel confident about keeping your battery strong and full of life.

The picture in Picture:

  • The major update of Android operating system is the inclusion of picture in picture feature; this picture will allow people to run some apps in the corner of a screen.
  • This feature will allow the people to watch the YouTube videos at the small corner of the screen while you are allowed to use the other apps. This is the perfect option for the mobiles that have significant RAM but will greater for the people that want to enjoy YouTube background music while using other apps.



  • In the previous version, Android Nougat allows the people to watch the YouTube videos with the split of the screen.

Background limits:

  • The latest operating system of the mobile phone also enhance the battery life of the mobiles, this update will limit the background and fairly easy to stop apps while they’re in the background.
  • This will enhance the battery life of the mobile phone and new limits for Wifi scans, background limitation and a new way for apps running in the background.

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Smart text selection:

  • Google has integrated the smart text selection that works on the mechanism of artificial intelligence and helps the people to easily cut and paste items.

Smart text selection

  • It will work automatically when you select the data like email address, telephone, address and helps you to select easily.

The latest update is available to the manufacturers of the smartphone and it depends upon them whether their existing smartphone will update the operating system or they will release the latest version of the new smartphones.

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