Even though with many stories everywhere WhatsApp/Facebook/Instagram (thankfully not twitter yet..phew!) individuals might think that Snapchat has missed its originality. But the actual Snapchatters know that that’s not actual. The actual query is, are you one of those Snapchatters who knows the in and out of the app? Let’s find out what.

Many of the options of the features if Snapchat are invisible and we need to know especially what actions to create so that we can use those new features.  Here is a list of Best Awesome Snapchat Guidelines, Hidden Techniques, Key Hacks and What does snapchat emoji mean? you might not know about.


What if I talked about that you don’t have to do team conversations any longer and you can just see where your buddies are just by grabbing your phone? Appears to be extreme right? Well not with Snapchat’s new option SnapMap. Every Snapchat customer has to produce a ‘Bitmoji’ which is used as placing suggestion of each customer. You can also add your tale to “our story” which creates the tale community for your place and is noticeable to any individual who wants to see pictures location-wise.

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You can also get into a “ghost-mode” where you can see your friends’ places, but no one would be able to see yours. All you have to do to stimulate the map is to start up your display of Snapchat, front/back and touch the display. It will start a map showing all the buddies in your record who have decided to demonstrate their place. You can see where your buddies are chilling out and just visit, or if you are an introvert (like me) you can prevent them! If you’re concerned about your comfort, no need to worry about it since your place is modified only when you are using Snapchat, so you quickly prevent your monitoring. Anyway “ghost mode” function is always available. The use of this app is completely available. Use it well!


Hearing to some music and don’t know the headline of the song? Think what, Snapchat can help you out here too. Just long press on the display of your Snapchat app and delay until “Shazam” identifies the music for you with all the details about it! Though there are many other applications designed for the only objective of acknowledging music, isn’t it better to have most functions in an individual app? Moreover, after acknowledging the music Snapchat gives you choices of discussing your music with your buddies and paying attention to your music right away.

Record a video & send without sound

Sometimes you want to switch out the disturbance in your environment which is not an aid to your Snapchat movie. It is simple to do that. After you history videos, basically, tap the mic symbol in the end remaining area of the display before reaching the red send button.

QR Scanner

Like Shazam, a songs recognizer is included into Snapchat; the app is also able of checking QR requirements. Just keep your camera before the QR code and long press on display. You will get a pop-up course-plotting you to the web link.

Apart from these, there are many other little Snapchat tips and techniques and hacks. If you want to know any more of them, please discuss them in our comment section.


By Prudhvi Yalamati

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