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Today most of the youngsters are so hung on clicking every moment of their life. It is not a bad thing to do; after all, this is where the future is headed. The problem is what comes after.

Every day we are creating tons of data in the form of photos and videos and storing them into SD cards. Trust me, the last thing you would ever want to do is to accidentally delete your cherished photographs and video content.

If you have ever been through such a situation and are eager to fulfill data recovery, iBoysoft certainly has one for you.


How Can iBoysoft Data Recovery Software Help You?

SD cards come with a wide range of data loss situations, and fortunately, iBoysoft is capable enough to offer a solution for all situations. Here are a few situations where you can use iBoysoft to recover your lost data from SD cards.

1. Formatted SD Card

Whenever there is new data to store, you format the SD card to remove the redundant data and then use it to store new data. But what happens at times is that we format the drive with the original content in it. You can use iBoysoft software; it offers a software solution to quickly scan the data you have lost recently and recover immediately.

2. Accidental Deletion

Apart from formatting, we tend to keep our SD card as clean as possible, and hence, we make the mistake of deleting the needed data. If you have ever accidentally deleted any important files and photos, iBoysoft can certainly help you recover them.

3. Virus Infection

An SD card is a portable storage device. We not only use it on mobile phones but also use it to share valuable and important data with friends and family. This makes your SD card vulnerable to virus attacks.

Yes, we understand that you use antivirus to ensure your card is safe, but there is a possibility that your friend is not using one.

4. Damaged SD Card

SD cards are sensitive devices. Even a small scratch or a little bit of moisture can damage it both physically and internally. This especially happens when SD cards are used to share data among friends. If you even come across a damaged SD card, don’t panic; iBoysoft has a solution for you.

5. Corrupted SD Card

Have you ever come across a scenario where you know you have stirred the photos in the SD card, but now you cannot find them. Yes, it often happens. The reason behind these issues is corrupted SD cards. When the SD card is corrupted, the system cannot access the data inside it. The only way to access the data is by taking help from data recovery software.

6. File System Issues

File system issues are a common issue, but only a few people are aware of this problem. It is a problem that happens when the SD card is formatted with a different file system than the system you are currently working on.

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How to Recover Data from SD Card?

Recovering data from an SD card is simple. You just need iBoysoft data recovery software and need to follow the following steps.

Step 1: Download iBoysoft data recovery software

If you do not have iBoysoft software in your system, you first need to download and install the software. After installing the software, all the active drives in your system are shown on the screen.

Step 2: Insert Your SD Card

Now, inject the SD card into your system, or connect with the help of a USB adapter. The software interface will show your SD card as a removal drive.

Step 3: Start Scanning

Select the SD card and initiate the scanning process. The scanning process will go through all the nooks and corners of the SD card and bring forth all the results.

Step 4: Preview

There will be a list of data comprising all the lost, deleted, and existing data. Go through the data and select the ones you want to recover.

Step 5: Recover

Once you have selected the data, click Recover and save the recovered files in another place.

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The process of recovering data from an SD card is simple if you use the right data recovery software. You just need to ensure that you are following the exact steps we have enumerated above. If there is anything that you didn’t understand, feel free to drop your queries, we will get to you with a tailor-made answer.

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