Your house can always be considered as a condo where you can come forward with all your dreams to brighten up the interiors in its maximum amount with a useful and trendy approach. This is where the idea of designing the interiors and the demand for the interior decoration firms increases. Every house is different from others and also envision of the owners on how it should be decorated and what all are required to make their it look perfect. With the increasing interior designing firms on the market, the homeowners can get confused regarding the selection of the one designer for the refurbishing process.


Now there is no need to worry any longer, as a Bangalore-based startup, Kraftivo has made the quest for the skilled home service professional a lot easier for the residents of the town through its web platform. We can realize an overplus of choices for architects, interior designers and other decorators all over the world. With the assistance of Kraftivo, they’ll be able to prepare their online portfolio that is required to showcase their qualifications to the entire people.

The professional listings of the web portal are done meticulously after thorough verification and confirmation so that the customers who take the assistance in Kraftivo will be assured that they’ll not be hiring associate inexperienced or faulty cluster of individuals to figure in their homes. There are many filtering choices within the areas of, space, price, and in other specifications; therefore as a homeowner, you get a chance to select one from the multiple choices from the filtered results.

The parent company of Kraftivo is Chedhaswi E-Services private limited that has been operating within the market since 2017. The founders of both the businesses are Sudheep VV and Chisna V who are within the arena of management and connected operation. Their expertise and experience are backed by the potency of CTO Hafis Ismail, an Engineering graduate with additional knowledge in SEO and Online Marketing. The team for Kraftivo presently includes fifteen members with a couple of distinguished figures holding the strategic positions.

The founders are hoping to extend the franchise in future in the cities of Pune, Chennai, and Mumbai. The website is presently out as a mobile & web applications to supply seamless presence across all platforms.

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