How to Use Instagram for SEO

Apart from the various other reputed social media networking sites, Instagram is also gaining a lot of popularity because of the way businesses are using it for growing. There is no doubt that making use of social media accounts helps in boosting the complete efforts of Search Engine Optimization. You can also use your Instagram account for enhancing the search engine rankings of your business website. According to, 70% of the total Instagram users look up to reputed brands on Instagram for SEO.

Given below is a list of the tips that you can follow if you are interested in using your Instagram account for SEO.

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Tracking the success of the Instagram link

Make use of your Google URL builder in order to add the tracking code at the end of the link that you are placing on your Instagram profile. You might have an extremely long link, which is why you need to head over to the URL shorteners like for creating custom links. If possible, you should provide a name which matches the brand and provides consistency. When you are taking these steps, you are going to get the idea of the number of people, who are going to click it.

How to Use Instagram for SEO
How to Use Instagram for SEO

Changing the URL often

You should already know that Instagram normally does not permit a brand to insert links in all the posts. You can only insert a single link in the profile. This means that you will want to keep changing this link, on basis of the campaigns that you run or for beefing up the volume of traffic on certain pages. You should take complete advantage of this space and try to send your followers to various landing pages, articles, or the product pages, which you are interested in promoting. When you are thinking of your link as the CTA, you will start understanding when you should be changing the link. You can also buy Instagram followers from reputed websites for increasing the credibility of your account.

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Using your location as the CTA

When you are publishing a particular image on your Instagram account, you have the freedom of customizing your location. As soon as it has been published, the location starts showing below the username, on top of the image that has been shared. Few companies are known to benefit from geotagging these images, and for the one who is not going to benefit, they can use this space for a CTA. You can do this by manually typing your location because Instagram is not going to verify whether a particular location exists or not.

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Developing your brand with the help of Instagram can help in domain authority

When the brand awareness starts becoming more widespread, and people decide to talk about it on both the online as well as offline space, the search volume starts increasing rapidly. When the search volume increases, you are going to get a lot more traffic on the website, which is going to improve the domain authority with time. As your domain authority starts improving, the overall ranking is also going to improve.


You need to be aware of these tips if you want to boost your website ranking with the help of your Instagram account. Ensure that you are following them diligently so that you do not face any kind of unwanted trouble.

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