It is said that if technology is more aggressive then it is bad, but if we say that there is an app now that will change the way you live. This is an app that lets you talk to people who have left you forever, not keeping them in your memories, keeping them on your phone and TV. South Korea’s company Elrois designed an app called with me.

What is the With Me app?

With Me App is 3D and Artificial Technology. Recreates the image and personality of dead people. This app has been created considering the pain of those who have lost their family or a close friend. People can talk to the incarnations of their families.

With me app talk face to face with dead person
With me app talk face to face with dead person

How does the With Me app work?

Users will first create a 3D scan of dead families, which is possible only when they are alive. Then that scan will be loaded into the app and the app will make it an incarnation. Users can take selfies with their avatar and can not even talk to them. The app uses an Artificial Intelligence, which helps the avatar to remember the names and family details of their family members.

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