What Does IT Support Involve?

We’ve all heard of IT support, but what does it actually mean? Many small business owners have a general idea that IT support means fixing computers when they malfunction, and while they are correct, there’s so much more to IT support than simply fixing hardware issues. The majority of businesses are now on the cloud and it is the IT support company that manages their secure network, empowering the organization.

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The following is a list of essential IT services on offer by the managed IT services company.

  • Cloud migration – If you have yet to get on the cloud, you are definitely in the minority and with a leading IT support company in San Diego managing your network, you can enjoy the many benefits of storing business data on remote secure servers. The first thing to do is create the network, which has permission hierarchies built-in for selective access, then connect your office computers with the network, with authorized users having 24/7 access. The benefits of cloud data storage are indeed many; you have instant access from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC and with real-time updates, everyone is on the same page.
  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) – Enhance your organization with real-time video, with VoIP platforms like Zoom and Skype for Business, two of the most popular platforms for business users. Every user on the Internet has an IP address, which is like a telephone number for the Internet, and the VoIP software makes the connection, giving you clear audio and real-time video. Make the switch and leave those expensive telecommunication corporations behind, as VoIP uses the Internet; slash your communication costs with a single swipe and enjoy online collaboration and a new level in business communication.
  • Cyber-security – Ignore cyber-security at your peril; the hacking community is alive and well and they like to target small businesses, as that’s where they find easy pickings. Using a firewall is a must and if you are on the cloud, you need professional cyber-security. You might be confident that your network defenses are adequate and a local IT support company can do some penetration testing and see whether or not they are successful. Most businesses are under-protected and today’s hacker is well-versed in data theft, using many strategies to breach networks and acquire passwords.
  • Hardware support – If you experience IT hardware issues, you’ll know how frustrating and time-consuming it can be and that alone is worth the cost. Anything that can’t be remotely fixed would be quickly handled by a visiting technician, guaranteed to have things up and running in no time! That dreaded blue screen will be a thing of the past, as will all printer, photocopier, and scanning issues; all your IT equipment comes under the umbrella of IT support and many providers offer flat-fee IT support, which is very popular. Here are some IT support tips to bear in mind.

Free online consultation

If you would like to have an informal chat with an IT support company, they would be happy to give you a free evaluation of your current IT infrastructure and advise accordingly. They might point out how you can save hundreds of dollars a month by switching from cell phone to VoIP solutions, which has to be worth investigating; you might be about to fit out an office and are looking for some IT hardware advice.

Tailored services

Every business is unique and the IT specialist would take a look at your business activities and make recommendations based upon your specific needs. You might be just starting out and need web design and hosting, which the IT support company can handle; from domain registration to web design and construction, to website hosting, administration and cyber-security.

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Streaming live events

We now have the bandwidth to live stream events in real-time and with a secure cloud network, you have the perfect platform to broadcast an event. You might be in need of a secure video connection with a business associate, or want to arrange a webinar, using VoIP communication; whatever your IT needs, your support company in San Diego has you covered.

Network protection

If you are on the cloud, you need round-the-clock cyber-security protection; which is one of the most sought-after IT services for small and large businesses alike. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has a department dedicated to cyber-crime and they are always very busy investigating the many online fraud cases that are reported (many are not).

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Online solutions

If you would like to discuss your IT needs with a local support company, Google is your best friend and with their expertise, your business will benefit in many ways. This leaves you and your staff free to focus on the customer experience, knowing your IT is in good hands.

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