A Beginner’s Guide to SEO

We’ve all heard of ‘search engine optimization (SEO), yet few people actually know what that really means; sure it means to optimize a website for Google searches, yet this is a complex discipline that involves having a deep understanding of the algorithms Google uses in their search engine. 

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What does Google look for?

The number one search engine is dedicated to helping the user to find exactly what they are looking for and there are many ways that you can help Google to notice your website. Having a sitemap helps (not a lot of people know that) and once the sitemap is complete, send it to Google Analytics and this will instantly improve your rankings within specific search terms. Google likes sites that have a lot of links and posting images and video content is also a plus. Your content must be your own, of course, and the amount of traffic your site receives is another aspect. It is affordable IT consulting from a leading Vegas IT support company, which will help you set up a secure network and make the right IT hardware

How to optimize a website

There are a few strategies that can boost a website’s rankings within specific search terms, ones that are most popular with the online consumer. If you approach a leading SEO agency with a view to optimizing your company website, they would discover the most popular search terms and insert these into specific locations on the target website. These insertions must be carefully placed and next time Google sends out their trawl bots to trawl the web, your platform will be better ranked.

  • Link-building

This is another strategy to make Google more aware of the target website; you can post blogs with links to your landing page, while also exchanging links with associate businesses. Be careful with links, always making sure that they are valid and lead to reputable sources – your site can be penalized if you have broken links. Listing your business on the major online business directories is another way to build quality links, as is outreach blogging, which involves creating articles with links to the client’s landing page. These blogs are posted on popular blogging sites and when readers click on the links, they are taken to your landing page. If you would like to read a host of digital marketing blogs, click here.

  • The right web content

The content on your website is critical, as Google looks at all content when ranking for a search and the SEO agency would create your web content, aligning it with Google’s algorithms, making your site more prominent with specific searches. A lot of keyword research needs to be carried out in order to know the best search terms to include on the website, something the SEO team knows only too well. When you make contact with an SEO company, they carry out an online assessment and based on that, propose a digital marketing plan that is designed around your business.

  • Google is your best friend

Most business owners seem to think that Google is their enemy, something to be overcome in order to get a high search ranking, yet nothing could be further from the truth; indeed, Google offers you many powerful tools with Google Analytics and there are a lot of free resources online to help you better understand search engine optimization. Of course, the easiest way to put your platform onto page 1 of search results is to enlist the help of an award-winning SEO agency, which might take a few months, but the extra traffic would be awesome.

  • Create a sitemap

Most people do not know about sitemaps; there is free online software that will help you to create a sitemap, which you should send to Google. Of course, you could call in an SEO agency, which has a team of SEO technicians who deliver the goods and while it might take a few months, page one of search results is doable.

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  • Reach the right audience

When you receive organic traffic from Google’s search engine, these people are actually interested in what you are offering, so you can expect a high conversion rate. If you want the best SEO, hook up with a leading SEO agency and let them work their magic. Constant traffic monitoring enables the strategy to be tweaked and slowly but surely, your website will move up the rankings.

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