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Education is increasingly becoming highly technical because technology is now directly impacting the educational sector. This means that teachers, students, and educational systems have to keep pace with the latest trends. 

Thanks to educational technology, learning methodologies can now accommodate all students. Teachers can now combat limitations in learning systems to ensure students who are outliers don’t end up as collateral damage.

Modern technology in education also means more job opportunities for trained professionals. Educational technology jobs are in demand because the educational sector is in the initial phase of integrating education with technology. 

 Technology also allows writers to earn money on the side, thanks to online Writing Jobs. Teachers no longer use a one-size-fits-all paradigm in classrooms. This ensures that every student’s needs are catered for. 

Here are the top 10 educational technology jobs in the education sector today. 


Educational Technologist 

Educational technologists collaborate with teachers to facilitate the integration of technology in classrooms. Also known as edtech specialists, these professionals ensure learning systems have an easy time reshaping the learning process. 

As an educational technologist, you should be proficient in technology and be organized since change can be a chaotic experience for any learning institution. Your aptitude for learning allows you to integrate technology with education successfully.

Educational Software Programmer

To successfully integrate technology into learning systems, institutions need to have access to the right educational software. Educational software programmers develop different applications for different learning setups.

Teachers need software they can use inside and outside the classroom for an impactful learning experience. Educational software programmers use their in-depth knowledge in programming and educational practice to make the merger as seamless as possible. 

The development and testing of educational computer software require vast knowledge in interface designs and core curriculums. 

Course Designer

Course designers are responsible for developing the school curriculum. These professionals specialize in creating educational instructions teachers use in classrooms. Every curriculum should be centered around teaching objectives and students’ needs. 

As a course designer, you’ll need technical knowledge and learning theory to design a learning experience that is impactful. For successful implementation, you’ll need to assess learners’ needs and test the effectiveness of your course before it’s rolled out.  

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Training Materials Designer

Training materials designers identify knowledge, skills, and performance and attitude gaps in different learning environments. The professionals use this information to come up with learning material that can fill these gaps. 

You should come up with compelling and engaging course content by identifying and working with your target audience’s needs. Ensure you set end goals, so you have a road map to work with. 

Media Specialist

Media specialists work alongside database warehouses, learning institutions, and libraries to update learning materials for the public. These professionals don’t work for the benefit of students and teachers alone but for the reading community as well.

You should have an educational background in education and library science. You should also train with media equipment to achieve proficiency in tech devices like computers, cameras, and recording devices. 

eLearning Developer

eLearning developers help learning institutions create online learning modules. Their job is keeping the online content relevant and updated. You need to ensure that you achieve a can-do attitude with the learning management systems (LMS). 

You should have an educational background in Microsoft Office, Instructional Design, Graphic Design, Project Management, and simulation-based training, to mention a few. 

You are to partner with internal teams and work side by side to brainstorm, problem-solve, and review eLearning content. 

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Technology Integration Specialist

The roles of technology integration specialists are fluid. You need to be passionate about using technology to make learning easier for students. These professionals are responsible for seamlessly aligning technology and education to provide beneficial learning processes. 

Chief Learning Officer

Chief learning officer is not a new position, but it has evolved over time. To carry a CLO title, you have to be a leader with an extended set of skills under your belt. You’ll be a position to make significant decisions that impact the lives of many. 

Today’s CLO’s roles are predominantly in the eLearning environment. The ideal CLO is one who is a team player and who fully embraces eLearning. 

Instructional Coordinator

Instructional coordinators ensure that institutions use the right curriculum. Their job entails maintaining learning standards across all learning institutions. Once instructional materials are put in place, instructional coordinators are responsible for the implementation. These professionals also oversee teachers training workshops to ensure teachers are equipped to use the new curriculum. 

Performance Support Specialist

Performance support specialists ensure that new learning programs are compatible with existing ones. Learning institutions cannot completely phase out old learning modules since they’re not entirely useless. The aim of integrating education with technology is to upgrade and not phase out old learning modules. 

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Integrating education and technology gives every student a fair chance at learning. Teachers too have an easy time using the updated curriculum in classrooms. 

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