How to use VPNs Efficiently

VPNs really do make all the difference when it comes to browsing. They help us in so many ways including helping us remain anonymous and keeping our data safe. Besides, they also help us access content which we wouldn’t be able to otherwise because of regional constraints. Almost all businesses use VPN for security purposes but most of the individuals use VPN for personal needs like entertainment. The catch is, be it for personal or professional requirement, a good VPN service is a paid investment, that is, almost all the good VPN services offer the only premium paid plans. 

Even if you use the free plans offered by many providers, a lot of them will scam you in different ways. Even the reputable providers offer free VPN at a lower bandwidth which is very limited when it comes to practical use. So, the best thing to do when it comes to VPN is to get a premium plan from a trusted provider, just to be safe. Since you are investing in this service, how can you get the best out of them? Here are a few tips that can help you use VPNs efficiently and get your money’s worth.


Look for less costly options from reputable providers

While most of the good VPN services come as paid subscribable plans, that does not mean that all of these plans are expensive. Most of the high-end expensive plans are intended for professional use. Such plans offer strong security and privacy and work on high speeds, hence the cost. But if your needs are not as complicated, then there are cheap VPN plans that are just as good as expensive ones.

Depending on the intended purposes, you can explore all the possible options and choose the best one suitable for you. Some of the reputed providers even provide free plans that are perfect for personal use. The only problem is the connection runs on lower bandwidth. But for streaming videos and such, this is probably not even noticeable. Click here to know more about anything regarding VPN services and providers.

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Link your VPN with your home router

Sure, you can install VPN separately on all your devices. But, if you do that, you will accumulate unnecessary expenses which will manifest in many forms. Besides, setting up a VPN on different devices separately can be quite a waste of your time. Worry not, for there is an easier way around this hassle. Just install the VPN on your home router. The process is very simple. Almost all of the modern routers support VPN installation. In case you own a Raspberry Pi, setting up a VPN between the router and Pi is also very simple. There are plenty of ways to set up the VPN on your home router. You just need to figure out the easiest alternative.

Prevent battery power drainage due to VPN usage

Since VPNs encrypt the data that travels through the service to protect it and your device from attacks and leakage, it can cause an increase in the device’s power consumption and hence, fast-draining of battery which in turn will affect the performance of your device including PCs and smartphones. To prevent this, you may want to keep your device charging as long as the VPN is enabled. This may sound like a drastic measure, but depending on your device’s specifics, it might be a necessary evil that you will have to endure.

Enable firewall and kill switch feature

VPNs often get blocked and connections will drop. So far, there hasn’t been any absolute solution to this problem. The best thing you can do will be to choose a VPN protocol that doesn’t get dropped as often. That aside, there is a chance that data leakage may occur when the VPN is down. To prevent this, enable the kill switch feature. It will disconnect your whole network connection in case of any connection drop happens. It will also set things back to normal when the connection goes back up. Besides, it is always a good idea to keep the firewall up whenever you are using the internet, with or without a VPN, but especially with a VPN. This will protect you from online attacks.

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VPN for getting the best deals

If you are a frequent online shopper, then you will probably know that the price of the same product varies according to the location. You can enable the VPN to access the best prices on anything you want while shopping online. Hence, a VPN helps you save costs.

Final words

VPNs have definitely made the internet a safer place for a lot of us and investing in them is never a bad idea. Make use of the above tips to get your money’s worth from this amazing tool.

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