How Blue Light Glasses Turn out to be Boon for me

We have all been hearing about the blue light glasses and that they are helpful in protecting eyes from the blue light. But how many of us are actually using it? Well, I was one of those who never knew the benefits that these blue lens glasses could offer, until I happened to become the user of these glasses myself.  I work for around 9 to 10 hours daily on the computer at my workplace and after reaching home it is the TV and the smartphone that keeps me occupied. Considering my daily routine, no wonder I am being hit by the blue light for so many hours a day. Add to that a load of LED lights and fluorescent bulbs being used at homes and workplaces. In short, I am surrounded by blue light almost 24 x 7.

The result being strain in the eyes and frequently occurring headaches.  I was sure that these are the symptoms of the change in my prescription and the powerful strength of my glasses has increased.  With this thought in mind, I called the Optometrist store i.e. Specscart, located at Walkden to book an appointment for an eye test. However, I was happy to know that Specscart conducts eye tests at home also, so instead of going out and spoiling my weekend, I chose to call them at my home instead of the workplace to conduct a comprehensive eye test.  


On the appointed day, the optometrist came as per the scheduled time and after the eye test, I got to hear the good news that neither my glasses need high power lenses nor my eyesight has gone worse. However, the question that prompted my mind is that if there is no variation in my eyesight and it is not the reason for eye strain and headache, then what is bothering me? With these queries in mind, I asked the optometrist about the reason for such eye strain and the headache.

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How blue light affects our eyes?

The Optometrist replied the cause was excessive use of digital devices too without using protective glasses i.e. the blue light glasses.  The concept was not new to me, but I was not having much idea about these glasses and what the blue lens glasses do. Therefore, on asking, Optometrist from Specscart informed the whole concept of blue light, its effect, and how the blue light glasses are helpful. 

He told me that blue light is present in the sunlight as well as it is emitted by digital devices like laptops, computers, smartphones, and even television. Therefore, when we are hooked to these devices for such long hours the blue light enters the eyes crossing the natural lens of the eyes. Since the natural lens of the eyes is sensitive it cannot block blue light, therefore, blue light reaches the retina and that is where the problem starts.  The exposure to blue light leads to eye-health issues like digital eye strain (which I was suffering from), pain, weakness, tiredness, retinal damage, etc. followed by headache, digital migraine as well as difficulty in sleeping.

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The solution: blue light glasses

Therefore, on the advice of the Optometrist, I chose to buy eyeglasses having blue lens glasses from the Specscart. To my surprise, I didn’t feel any difference initially. But yes while working on the digital devices I experienced that I did not feel the eye strain, headache, sleeping issues, etc. This is because I chose to buy glasses online from my regular eyewear store Specscart who assures that the eyeglasses block 99.99% of the harmful blue light and at the same time provide 30% enhanced vision clarity. Moreover, the affordable eyeglasses are pre-loaded with anti-glare, anti-UV, and anti-scratch protection which constitute a complete protection solution to the eyes. Besides, the glasses online are amazing, unique, and are available in various shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns to suit your face.

These affordable blue light glasses turn out to be a boon for me and allow me to work without strain or headache at work and at home. And there is no fear of damage to the eyes.

So, if you fall into the same category as mine, working for endless hours on the computer at the workplace and playing games in my free time, then I would suggest you buy blue light glasses. Feel the difference and maintain healthy eyes.  

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