How Traffic Throttling Using VPN Is Useful? TellMeHow

Nowadays, the internet is accessible by everyone. Net neutrality is the reason that internet has grown so fast in this decade. This has helped businesses to grow and flourish easily. Net neutrality has helped not only the businesses but it has even benefitted the consumers. They have to pay the same fee to ISP as the businesses when they need to do research, online payments, interact with businesses and many more activities. But ISP can throttle the speed of internet connection when you don’t pay them enough money for the usage. Often ISP may even charge more for different types of traffic or select a particular traffic that would help them to make more money. This implies that you must know the ways to bypass ISP traffic throttling and this article is all about that.

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When VPN tunnel is used for encrypting the traffic then ISP is unable to know the type of traffic you are sending or receiving. This helps to escape any data restrictions or pricing models. In the present scenario ISP is known for throttling various types of traffic but when you connect it through an encrypted VPN server then the ISP can’t view your traffic and thus it can’t slow down or cut your bandwidth selectively.

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Once VPN tunnel has been established, it is for sure that ISP can’t see the type of traffic you are downloading but they will still have the ability to find out that the VPN tunnel traffic is flowing over their network. VPNs are used daily by a huge number of users and businesses for sending secure transmissions. Irrespective of the fact that in the coming years’ net neutrality rules may change but without net neutrality VPN is of no use.


  1. VPN (Virtual private network) is a private tunnel that could be used for encapsulating, encrypting and transferring data across the web.
  2. It inevitably affects the latency and speed. Often it can cause some loss in speed but that is very negligible, it is as little as only five to ten percent of the total bandwidth. The variation entirely depends upon the country of the selected server to your location.
  3. Usually, subscribers lose a major portion of their bandwidth through ISP throttling when it is used on targeted services. VPN is a better alternative as the speed loss is much less in it and additionally, there is incurred latency. When there is more distance between your location and server, then it will cause greater speed loss.
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Users are able to unlock all the geographically restricted content by accessing worldwide servers. That means you are able to stream US Netflix from your country because you are able to connect to US servers. Therefore, you must always choose the closest possible servers by selecting between west and east locations and along with that, you must also choose the shortest route. Usage of VPN is the best way to bypass ISP traffic throttling have an assurance that all your web activity is encrypted and safe.

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