Instagram is a famous marketing tool for a lot of business and especially for wedding professionals. But the same is the case here that is on the other social media networks, you don’t know what to exactly post about. Following are the inspirational categories to know what you can post on Instagram to sell your wedding stuff and to gain more audience for your wedding business.

Behind the scenes

You may think that no one really cares about behind the scenes of your business and no one would really like to see that. But showing people a bit behind the curtain which reflects your personality would be a good idea. After all, people prefer to hire people they know about and whom they could trust easily. When they see you behind the scenes, they get to know the real you and your business.

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Everyone would love a good quote and they work well with social media. For the best promotion of your wedding business on Instagram Followers, share the quotes you know would appeal to a wide range of audience and will help you gain maximum clients for your business.

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Client Features

Social media is not just about you. It is about your existing and potential clients and by posting photos along with your clients of your clients and sharing something that has been posted by them is a great way to have better links with your clients. This is the way you could promote your business as well as you allow your potential clients to see your work and see if you meet their requirements or not.

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Content Promotion

If you are the one to write blog posts, contents, or publishing videos or podcasts or if you are offering some sort of promotional contents, Instagram is the best place to so. Make yourself sure that you need to put the backlink of your content in the bio of your profile to let people click it.

Funny posts

You must know the fact that how good funny posts on Instagram could be. Almost everyone today would want to laugh and if you make people laugh, that would be the best thing to do in order to make the good promotion of your wedding business and for the whole industry.

Engagement Boosters

Engagement boosters are really fun because they help you in engaging followers with your posts and with your page. This is how you get your followers to participate through comments, likes and sharing your posts.

Quick tips

Quick tips posts are slightly different from the content promotional posts and they directly deliver the value to your posts. They are easy and quick to digest and they considered being ideal whenever to help or assist a client in anything he needs help.

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Contests and competitions

You don’t need a long fan following to start a contest or any competition on Instagram as you can do it at any time whenever you find it suitable. Competitions and contests held on Instagram not only maintain your old followers but also gain new ones for your business.

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