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The idea of owning a house is quite exciting and special. Especially for first-time home buyers. The thrill of searching for houses, visiting open houses and looking at a place as your new home is unexplainably amazing. But, when it comes to making the decision, it can be really stressful. There are so many factors and things to look at, and you wouldn’t want to make a bad choice.

Buying a house is a serious financial commitment and takes a lot of sincere planning to make a fruitful investment. For someone who is new to all this, it can be quite challenging to find the right property. Luckily, real estate professional can make this exhaustive task a lot simpler and ease you through the journey.


Once, you have done your open house visits and found yourself just the perfect place, it is time for some money talk. And, this is where things can sometimes be a little tricky. One needs to be really smart with the negotiations and settlement. Any mistakes can leave a nasty dent on your investment. Experienced realtors at Pumped On Property talks about tips to a great investment and settlement.

Get a property valuation

Every seller is looking to get the best price for their property, and so quoted prices always have a scope for bargaining. And even though, you are good at negotiations and you have found a good price, get a valuation. There are numerous factors influencing the price of a property – infrastructure, amenities, locality, property health, and age, etc. Before making any deals, it is always a smart choice to get a professional valuation. The inspector would determine the value of the property and provide a report relative to the neighboring properties, market rates and condition of the house. This report would help you negotiate more effectively.

Picking a conveyancer

The transfer of ownership of a house involves a series of legal processes. Any mistakes from either party can attract significant penalties or void the transfer itself. Therefore, it is always advantageous to appoint a professional to handle the legal aspects of the transfer.
A conveyancer prepares and reviews the legal documents of the sale, evaluate the taxes and stamp duty and other legal components. Depending on the state laws, dealing with the legal processes can be a little cumbersome. By hiring a good conveyancer, both you and the seller can save yourselves of the trouble and ease the settlement process.

An important final inspection

During open houses and visit, people often try to cover up the bad parts of the property and present the best of it. However, once you have closed the deal, it is essential to go for a pre-settlement inspection. If you have had any special arrangements with the seller or commitments like fixes any existing damages, whitewashing, etc., this is the best chance to check for it.

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In most states, buyers are entitled to a final property inspection before settlement and ensure that the house is in good condition and clauses of the contract are met.

Arrange for home insurance

Following the day of the settlement, the house and its contents are your responsibility. And as home insurance is an effective way to safeguard the property and yourself, you should be diligent about it. Discuss with your property agent and the seller about the insurance, if the house is insured during the transfer or the insurance is included in the contract. If not, you must get a house and content insurance immediately, before the settlement.

Sorting out your funds

Buying a house is a significant investment and requires strategic financial planning. It is important to understand that while buying a house, you need funds for more than just the sale price of the house. There are numerous fees and taxes involved. Along with that, you need to have some spare funds to accommodate any ad-hoc repairs, moving costs, renovation, etc. If you plan on getting a mortgage, compare various loan options before subscribing for one. Discuss with your estate agent for best deals and options. Also, make practical decisions about your budget and the house that you can afford.

Plan your financials responsibly and explore your options to get the best house, best price, and great resale value.

Taking care of the final things

On the settlement day, there are a lot of things going on. The signing of the transfer papers, review of contracts, exchange of money and house keys, etc. It also includes registering for various legal processes like stamp duty, property registry with the municipal council and more.

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Also, before the settlement, you or your representative must discuss regarding the cost for the legal charges and who would be bearing those expenses. This is an important aspect, as these little components can create a lot of last time fuss. Once, everything is handled, verify the documents and you are good to move into your new house.

When you are out in the market, looking to invest in a property or to buy/ sell your asset, you are definitely expecting the best options. Pumped on Property Sunshine Coast can help you explore such opportunities and make rewarding decisions. If you have any real estate related queries or is in need of property, call and schedule a meeting with the expert property managers and agents at Pumped on Property.

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