Do you have favorite places for taking photos in America? Florida is the most attractive region for all tourists. Every new place you meet at the local beach or within the city boundaries attracts you more and more so that you want to come back here again. By the way, a good exotic car will help you to feel more comfortable when you are hunting for good photography places. Make a search! How about to rent from Max Miami with phone number available? Florida is full of amazing locations and often tourists have no enough time to see them all. One way or another, drive your car to Miami Beach. This is the region to start your shooting from here.


What is next? A good camera and an attractive location are often enough for juicy photography. So, it is time to surprise your friends with your photography skill and exotic environment of Florida.

Beautiful Places in Florida


St. Augustine City

Miami Beach is not the only place to take beautiful pictures here. Look around! There are many different locations for all and everyone. So, hunting for historical places, go to see the old part of Florida – St. Augustine. This place can boast interesting architecture, historical attractions, city landscapes. The location is good and comfortable for all photographers. It can impress you a lot with its atmospheric cafes and narrow streets. It’s so charming and rather European as for the old American town.

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Sebastian Inlet

Action pictures are always popular. Welcome to Sebastian Inlet. This is a popular place for surfers. Local beaches are full of active people who are trying to catch the wave. What about your pictures? Oh, they must be impressive! Finally, if you are not good at surfing, you can try yourself in shooting surfers.

Everglades National Park

This popular place is situated to the South from Florida. If you want to have pictures from an exotic location, you should try to visit local swamps. Everglades is a unique place – the biggest subtropical forest in the USA. You can meet a lot of animals you’ve never seen before, like alligators, snakes, birds. Be careful and watch your steps!

Beautiful Places in Florida

Cedar Key

Beach photography is well-known as the best platform for catching so-called golden hours. This is a short period of time before the sun sets or rises. Of course, it must be a very beautiful picture, whenever you are at a Florida beach or not. Try to visit Cedar Key. All Americans know this location as a place of beautiful sunsets. Local islands often perform special light shows for tourists to make their pictures more colorful

Ocala National Forest

This National Forest is considered to be the most attractive forest in Florida. This is a place of giant trees, blue lakes, and photography. How about taking a selfie with a giant tree behind your back? Also, you can meet big turtles, bears, and alligators. Be careful! When you feel tired, you can organize an outdoor picnic and refresh yourself.

Beautiful Places in Florida

St. George Island

All experienced photographers know how to get to the place, where you can spend some time alone and enjoy your selfies. St. George Island is a kind of a desert location. Nature is very exotic here. You can see high dunes, juicy grass, subtropical flowers. Autumn is the time when all trees and flowers are in blossom, adding more charm to this weird place. You are lucky if you could see giant turtles, owls, eagles.

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Pier in Naples

Sunset pictures are the best! You can hardly find a better place to admire the beauty of evening hours than the pier in Naples. Take your chance to picture a variety of sparkling yellow, pink, and golden colors in the sky. It looks like you are somewhere in dreamland. Anyway, if you are not going to go to the beach so late, you can use a pier as romantic background for your pictures. Be creative!

Beautiful Places in Florida

Destin’s Emerald Coast

Destin is a quiet fishing village. What makes it so popular for tourists? The atmosphere here is absolutely amazing. Just look around! You can find a lot of interesting elements, interior objects, beach line, boats, natural environment. Also, you can picture yourself surrounded by dolphins or sea-gulls. Want to change the background? No problem! The Gulf of Mexico or Destin’s Coast: pick one!

Florida is a beautiful place where people come to take some rest and take pictures. You know, it often happens that the natural environment is enough to make your photos beautiful. Traveling through Florida, you notice that every place is pretty good for shooting there. You don’t have to choose one. All you need is a good car and a couple of days to travel through the country.

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