Top 6 Red Flags To Look For On A First Date

When it comes to seeking a potential love interest, singles in the modern age are certainly spoiled for choice. They can opt for this site or that mobile app, signing up to dating services which will provide a diverse range of prospective partners. If reaching out to someone online is relatively straightforward these days, there are still issues with actually connecting face-to-face. Here are six of the so-called red flags to look out for when you take your search for romance offline.


Conversation is a one-way street

A clear red flag to look out for is how much of a rapport is developing between you. Or not. If you find your naturally effuse conversation keeps crashing into a wall of silence, you have every right to be apprehensive. When any date is progressing well, both parties will participate in the discussions. If the person you are with feels comfortable in your company, they’ll gladly share anecdotes and laugh at your jokes. If the silences become frequent and excruciating, start planning your get-out clause.

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An unhealthy obsession with their ex

Of all the red flags which could manifest on your first date, one of the largest of all is dwelling on past relationships. If the person you are with keeps discussing someone you know nothing about, either disparagingly or with wistful regret, it’s clear they are still harboring unnatural feelings for them. Should they inadvertently address you by their old flame’s name, the time has come to run a mile.

Punctuality isn’t a priority

Imagine your date leaves you sitting alone inside a bar for 20 minutes before breezing in with some lame excuse about the bus breaking down or tube delays? It’s very easy to read between the lines of these situations and come to the conclusion their sense of apathy towards arriving at the rendezvous location is a reflection of their lack of commitment to this date.

Alcohol is more than a refreshment

One reason why so many first dates are organized to unfold within the cozy confines of a pub or club is that alcohol can relax the parties and loosen tongues. It’s only natural to be nervous about your initial encounter, so the drinks will quickly get the chat flowing and the jokes flying. But if your partner shows up for your date already three sheets to the wind, or downs each of their refills so much quicker than you, this should be another obvious red flag. By the end of the night, they may well exhibit antisocial behavior.

They have a soap-box and will use it

There is nothing wrong with having strong opinions about different aspects of modern life. Passion is surely preferable to apathy. But when it comes to getting together for a first date, certain topics should never be broached, with politics and religion topping the blacklist. If your prospective date keeps pontificating about issues which are clearly dear to themselves, without any concession about whether you might agree or not, you must wonder how else this selfish lack of tact will manifest.

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Their engagement is lackluster

Finally, a red flag which is metaphorically signaling your date has no real interest in taking things any further is if they fail to engage with you. Do you find your conversation topics being continually interrupted? Instead of gazing into your eyes do they spend an inordinate amount of time glancing at their mobile phone screen? Do they forget what you have been talking about and continually drift into their own subjects? These all point towards someone who would clearly rather be someplace else.

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