The Top 5 Smartphones In 2021

If you’re in the market to invest in a new smartphone this year, you’re probably wondering which latest models are worth considering. And because buying a smartphone is quite an expensive endeavor, you will want to choose a smartphone model that will last you a few years at least; hardly anyone can afford to purchase a new trendy phone every year just to keep up to date with the latest tech devices. 

And there are some important factors you must consider when purchasing a new smartphone, such as your budget, screen size, camera specs, and several other factors. Furthermore, it would be best to consider the cost of essential accessories, such as phone cases. You can find iPhone XS phone cases – and a variety of other model phone cases. That said, here are the best-rated smartphones of 2021.

Top 5 Smartphones:

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

For roughly $1200, you can get your hands on the sleek and stylish Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. This smartphone model is a great choice for several reasons; from the 6.8-inch OLED screen display to 12GB RAM and five image sensors, this is an excellent choice for a new smartphone. This specific Samsung model also supports the S pen stylus.

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Apple iPhone 12

Even though this iPhone model has two versions, the regular version remains a top choice in 2021. This model will set you back about $830 for the 64GB model, and most would agree that it is a great buy. The iPhone 12 is also compatible with innovative wireless chargers, boasts 5G support, has a pretty good front and rear camera system, and holds the stylish design of the iconic Apple brand. 

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus

Samsung is undeniably a leading brand when it comes to smartphones, and the S21 Plus maintains the charm of the Galaxy range. This model will cost you around $1000, slightly cheaper than the Ultra, although it still holds its worth in terms of incredible innovation, features, and functions. The screen display is slightly smaller at 6.2-inches, although there is a larger 6.7-inch model available. 

Apple iPhone 12 Mini

Similar to the iPhone 12 model, although much more compact, is the iPhone 12 mini. This trendy phone is well worth the investment if you enjoy smaller phones. However, the small size is the phone’s main selling point, other than its slightly lower purchase price. The screen display is a compact 5.9-inches, and the specs remain top-tier despite the smaller size. 

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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

If you’re an android lover, then this might just be the right smartphone for you. This specific model boasts an exceptionally sleek design with a wrap-around screen, a stylus, and it’s also incredibly thin. This top-of-the-line Samsung has a 6.9-inch screen display, impressive specs, and a long battery life. And it won’t be spending more than $950.

Choosing the right smartphone can be overwhelming, mainly because so many models are on the market, and new models are also constantly emerging, such as the highly anticipated iPhone 13. However, by considering your budget and your spec requirements, you can definitely find a smartphone that’s perfect for you. 

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