6 Cool Tech Gadgets for Students

With wearables technology, IoT development, and smart attribute in front of almost every device, gadgets are both fun and useful addition to student life. 

With the smartphone being the ultimate gadget that most people already have, we will focus on other cool tech gadgets students can find helpful. Devices on our list focus more on fun and free time than on academic help for students. 

Although technology can and already helps students in their education. Gaming, streaming video and music, smart assistants, and fitness and body function tracking are some of the things gadgets for students should have. 


Best gadgets for students

List od electronic gadgets are endless with products in consumer electronics, PC and gaming niche as well as with new projects and startups finding funding on Kickstarter. 

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo again played on the innovation card, and without competing in absolute performance with Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox franchises, it offered a new console concept. Nintendo Switch is handheld and mobile console and at the same time classic plug it in the TV device. You can play on your big screen in higher 1080p resolution and continue on your commute to the college. Legends of Zelda breath of the wild and Super Mario games are the flagship titles, although there is support for many multiplatform hits.

Garmin Forerunner 645 Music

Smartwatch is a must-have gadget for a new generation. While Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch have more advanced operating systems and focus more on apps, Garmin has top-notch quality and great screen on sunny weather. It focuses on monitoring performance and body functions for runners with training in-depth analytics and plenty of options for even professional athletes. On top of that, Forerunner 645 Music has up to 500 songs storage so you can run with Bluetooth headphones and enjoy favorite music. The watch has support for Garmin Pay, contactless payment solutions.

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Heart rate measurement and waterproof watch can be convenient for students, but this hi-tech gadget doesn’t come cheap. Some students will have to work to get this kind of tech novelty. Working and studying leave you with little to no time for extra assignments. Working and students in sports teams or other extracurricular activity can use cheap assignment help or hire a freelancer to help with essays or other writing.

Roku Streaming Stick

One of the best options for streaming accessible video content. It comes in a small form factor, just like his name says, and offers support for both 4K and HDR streaming. Powerful hardware inside a stick can turn your dorm room into multimedia heaven. You can watch Netflix, HBO, YouTube, BBC iPlayer, Prime video, and other streaming services. You don’t have automatic access, which means that you need a subscription for all these services.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Paperwhite is the best and most popular Amazon e-book reader with e-ink technology that makes reading an enjoyable experience. It comes with a high-resolution display, no glare, and soft lighting for reading in the dark. It can come in handy to load up your college textbooks instead of carrying them Amazon Kindle Paperwhite has note-taking feature.

Bose QuietComfort 35 Series II

Bose has excellent active noise-canceling technology. QuietComfort 35 headphones have a clean, minimalistic, and comfortable design. These headphones have support for pairing with two devices at once. You can change inputs easily, play games, and have smartphone paired at the same time. Excellent sound quality, noise-canceling, and long battery life is the biggest strengths of the Bose QuietComfort 35. You could block loud dorm sounds, and enjoy in the music with top-notch audiophile quality.

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 Amazon Echo

A personal assistant is a great way to automate your student place. Echo can be a personal assistant that tells you about whether or remind you about tests and lectures. But, it can also become the heart of the connected home with connections to IP cameras, smart lighting such as Philips hue, to TV and other devices. You can also use it to play music

Bottom line

There are so many cool gadgets out there at the moment. Some students adore iPad Pro with Apple pencil, others need OLED Smart TV, or devices like Bluetooth keyboard, external disk or wireless speaker for college parties. 

It would be best if you don’t have to choose between cool gadgets. Student budget is stretched with so many activities, social life, student loans that you’ll probably have to pick one or two devices. Try to find what suits you best, check the reviews, and do your homework and search for the best price before making the purchase decision. 

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