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Are you heading towards a new country to spend vacations? Do you want to excel in your final exams? Do you want to expand your knowledge? Well, the perks of learning a language are so many and it never goes wasted to get acquainted with new learning. Luckily, the modern era has offered some awe-inspiring language learning apps to facilitate the process of language learning. Here is the list of five of the most useful language learning apps that too with offline modes.


Do you often come across problems with your internet connection? It can be really annoying to have an interruption in your learning. As a matter of fact, the frequently disconnecting internet can make language learning troublesome and more difficult. This is where FluentU can play a significant role as it works even when there is no internet connection. Not only this, but you can also see real-world audios and videos with the help of this incredible language learning app. Adding to it, you will see interactive subtitles that come with every single audio and video as well. Moreover, it also features learning via flashcards as well as provides exercises to assess what you have learned so far. In this way, it ensures a remembrance of all the lessons you have taken. Indeed, it offers an effective way of learning a language and strengthening your vocabulary. All in all, FluentU has revolutionized the way of learning a language by offering mesmerizing features.  


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It is considered as amongst the best app for learning a language. The best part about this app is its availability on iPhone, Windows phones as well as Android. You can get a grasp on English, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Danish, German and many more. It allows a user-friendly interface as well as can work offline and this is what makes it a highly sought-after language learning app. Moreover, you do not even need to make an account to use Duolingo. It only requires downloading at an initial level and there you go. Want to know more interesting features of Duolingo? Well, Duolingo makes use of different images, texts, video, and audio. One can also find general grammatical lessons in this app. Also, it incorporates childish drawings to provide learning in a fun-filled way. All these awesome features make it a highly popular language learning app too because why not?


It is regarded as a highly well-designed App for language learning. Similar to the earlier discussed apps, Busuu also offers interesting ways of language learning which increases its popularity to a greater degree. Its mode of learning includes quizzes, games as well as flashcards. More notably, the number of people who are making use of this amazing app is over sixty million. Well, that is, in fact, a huge number, isn’t it?  In addition, it allows chatting with the local speakers who make corrections if they find any error as you chat. This feature makes it a handiest app for travelers in particular. For instance, the expert will point out immediately if he finds any error in French vowels while chatting. In addition to French, other languages that it teaches include Russian, German, Turkish, Polish, Italian and many more. Once again, both the iPhone and Android users can take advantage of this well-liked app.

bussu Language Learning AppsRosetta Stone

It is considered a relatively older yet one of the leading language learning apps. It is free; however, you have to get its subscription in order to take advantage of this useful app. It offers both the offline and online access to its users for giving them a better learning experience. Another amazing feature of Rosetta Stone is that you can learn any language by just clicking on a single icon. By using this app, you can hear words of the respective language you want to be proficient in and repeat them. So, you will be able to learn the right pronunciation by repeating the words in this way. On top of that, it is workable for both Apple and Android phone users.  

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As an added bonus, it also offers live tutoring sessions but you need to be online for taking such useful language learning sessions. The languages it teaches are inclusive of but not limited to Chinese, English, Dari, French, Arabic, Filipino and Dutch. On the whole, Rosetta Stone is a brilliant language learning app for those who really wish to learn something new.


Remember using Flashcards while preparing for presentations? It was actually an interesting way to present in a better way. Memrise also incorporates flashcards as a mode of learning a new language. It makes learning more exciting and a little easier for the beginners.  You can use this app offline too in case the Wi-Fi is not supporting.

So, enjoy hassle-free and enjoyable learning sessions with these cool language learning apps.  

Good luck!

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