Classpro is a web-based management software for educational organizations in India. Designed by CLASSPRO, this software provides a 360 degree round up of work for your education institute. It can handle various complex functions such as admission, fees, student performance, SMS reminders, inquiries, biometric attendance, and notes sharing. 

Next, Classpro provides the teacher with a detailed report of their child’s performance. This helps teachers guide the students in an effective manner which ultimately leads to better academic results. Additionally, parents can also keep track of their child’s academic performance. In a nutshell, Classpro adds value to your classroom environment.


Technical Specifications

Organization types served: Enterprise, Government, Mid-market, SMEs, Startups
Platforms: Windows, IOS, Ubuntu
Deployment: Web-based
Device: Desktop
No. of employees: 16-200
Suitable for:  Education
Business-specific: Educational institutes
Payment: SaaS
Language: English


What are the Features Offered by Classpro?

Classpro offers a wide range of interesting features to its users. It allows teachers to maintain student records, reschedule class timings and maintain assignments. It enhances the teaching experience for teachers while also enabling an interactive learning environment for students.

Using the expense module of Classpro, teachers can keep track of the overall expenditure. It allows the functions to go paperless and maximizes the overall output of the classroom. Following are among the most vibrant features offered by the Classpro learning management software:-

  • Database Management

Classpro provides real-time insights of ongoing functions to its users. You can use these insights to minimize or even eliminate financial losses. It allows teachers to manage the records of all the students on a cloud-based platform. This feature ensures the safety of the database.

Teachers can easily access and analyze this data anytime and hence, can utilize this flexibility for the benefit of the students. Additionally, parents can also keep an eye on the performance of their children so that they can intervene in a timely manner for better results. 

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  • Late Fee Calculation

It allows teachers to manage all the pending fees of students. Classpro automatically sends an instant reminder to the parents in the event of a pending fee. Approximately, 2% – 5% of the students miss out the last installment of the fee which can total up to a staggering Rs 15-16 Lakhs a year.

This unique feature of Classpro learning management application can save the educational institute from major financial loss.

  • Biometric Attendance

Classpro empowers teachers to record student attendance in a convenient manner. Teachers do not have to spend time on the roll call, and this saves their time – time they can use for delivering better instruction in the classroom. Ultimately, the classroom becomes more productive by unleashing the productivity of teachers as well as students. 

  • Document Sharing

Classpro enables teachers to share important documents and assignments with students and other faculties. Students can also submit assignments and reports more conveniently. 

  • Communication Management

Classpro provides a personalized communication channel to parents and teachers. With Classpro, teachers and parents can discuss the performance of students more effectively. Through all this, parents start trusting your educational institute. And when they do that, they are more likely to refer your coaching center to others as well. 

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What are the Benefits of Using Classpro?

After going through the features and technical specifications of the Classpro learning management software, we can easily understand its benefits:

  • Better Administration

Classpro provides cutting edge facilities, especially during admissions. It allows users to conduct and supervise admissions in a fair and transparent manner. With Classpro, you can quickly and efficiently manage manual tasks such as database management, fee management, leads and other follow-ups without hassles.

It records the fee details and sends automated fee reminders to the parents. 

  • Improved Results

The software generates detailed academic reports and provides a graphical representation of the academic performance of students. The teachers can analyze and discuss these reports with parents for improvement of the student’s performance. 

Again, it allows the students to submit assignments through a cloud-based system. The teachers can rate and review the assignments in real-time and immediately ask for necessary corrections.

Classpro makes the classroom more interactive. Students naturally find it more interesting. This takes care of a critical flaw in the traditional teaching method – student inattention! Student performance, then, goes only one way – upwards. 

  • Better Parent-Teacher Interaction

Classpro enables efficient, two-way communication between parents and teachers, which goes a long way in bringing all the main stakeholders on the same page – students, parents, and teachers.  This is particularly useful for parents who reside in remote locations and find it tough to physically attend parent-teacher meetings. 

Teachers can also share academic reports with parents via Classpro. Hence, this application proves to be an effective platform for parent-teacher interaction.

  • Automated Reminders

Teachers can send automated reminders to students in order to update them with their schedule, exam time-table, exam results and fee submission. This feature also helps students avoid fines for the late payment of fees, an issue that has the capacity to sour relations between your institute and the students-parents.

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  • Insight

As to the question of whether you really need Classpro, the answer is fairly simple. If you want your institute to climb the highest ladders of success and be known as one that delivers the best results for its students while also keeping its teachers and other employees happy – the answer is definitely yes. 

Technology is a great tool for upgrading efficiency and cutting out wasteful tasks. It also delivers fantastic accuracy provided the right entries are made. As discusses, Classpro simplifies all the related processes – admission, assignment allotment and submission, various reminders and the like. 

Most importantly, it makes learning interactive, thereby improving student focus. Not all teachers are charismatic. While a naturally gifted teacher will deliver stupendous results with Classpro, average teachers will not be too far behind either. Couple this with the fact that Classpro frees teachers from cumbersome low-level tasks such as attendance management, and you can see why it is necessary. 

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