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Generating leads is great, but only if you have something to do with them afterwards. This means thinking of each lead as a real person who enters your store or office. They’re interested enough to stop by your website even though they haven’t bought anything yet. Once there, what types of attention can you show them to get them to make a purchase?

Thank Them

Once your lead converts you’ll want to thank them right away. This is when you’ll want to make your first impression, but lots of businesses gloss over this. The page or email is comparable to a handshake after a job interview. Some of the best ways to optimize this is to:

  • Spend time and energy making sure it’s visually appealing
  • Go above and beyond the standard Thank You template
  • Offer additional value such as a related eBook or an exclusive discount that makes a great first impression
  • Use a video or photos to introduce your business

Active Campaign will help you create drip emails that are driven by subscriber interaction, behavior, interests, location, and history. This tool lets you automate your customer’s entire life cycle and activate drip campaigns based on how your subscriber behaves while at your website.

Push for a Secondary Conversion

You’ll want to push for a secondary conversion. The best way to do this is by talking to them either in-person or over a phone call on Dialpad. This software offers many great benefits, including:

  • The integration of popular business tools like Office 365 and Salesforce lets you enjoy intuitive calling and conferencing.
  • You can host your entire company’s phone needs on a single phone system regardless of where you’re located since instant provisioning is available in over 60 countries allowing for both local and toll-free number support.
  • Since it’s built on Google’s Cloud Platform, you can trust that it’s both secure and reliable.
  • It’s a great way to unify all your business tools and thus increase your productivity and drive business efficiency. You can accomplish all this without swapping tabs, juggling apps, or losing productivity.
  • You’ll enjoy unparalleled levels of stability, security, and uptime without paying, additional costs, or dealing with legacy IT stacks.

Segment Your Leads

Copper highly recommends segmenting your leads because they claim that this will significantly increase the chance that they’ll convert in the long run. Their reasoning behind this is that when your leads are segmented you’re able to communicate with them much more specific so you can deliver content your audience wants when they want it. For instance, if you write a blog on several different topics and you have an e-book for each of these topics you’ll be able to see what your audience is truly interested in based on which of the e-books they’ve downloaded. By delivering more of the content they’ve shown interest in, your value increases for that lead and you’re no longer spamming them with products and services that they’re not interested in. This will then increase their trust in you, so they’ll be more likely to open your emails and possibly even click on your free demo prompt – something that should be included at the bottom of every email you send out.

You can also segment your leads based on their demographic information. However, if your lead form asks for too much information you may scare some leads away simply because they don’t want to give you all the information you’re seeking, but the leads you do get will be more valuable because when your sales team knows the lead’s main issue, they’ll have more to talk to them about.

Copper can help you build and nurture these types of strong relationships, while also helping you manage your sales pipeline so you can meet both your short and long-term revenue goals – something that’s crucial to growing your business. This is something that you can do efficiently since CRM is able to:

  • Funnel leads into your campaigns
  • Automate your nurturing routines
  • Track conversion metrics and interface them with ordering and accounting systems

In short, it creates a complete sales machine for your business as it integrates all your Gmail and all G-suite products in one place. This is helpful in growing your sales and increasing your lead conversion rates.

Act if they Unsubscribe

There will be times when your leads will unsubscribe. Instead of wasting time crying about it, create an optimized “Goodbye” page. This is very beneficial when your lead unsubscribes from your email list for some reason other than they’reuninterested in your business or the services or products it offers. Maybe they feel like you’ve been spamming them lately or they were turned off by something you sent out recently. If you have a personalized, optimized goodbye landing page in place you may be able to save this lead. Instead of simply saying, “You’re unsubscribed!” try something along the lines of, “To help us improve our service, please let us know if you have any comments to share with us. We’d love to get your insight!” You can also come right out and ask why they left then offer them some options to simply tick – such as they no longer found your emails useful, you were sending them too many emails, or they just wanted to opt out. In any case, this is good information to have.

On this same goodbye page you can also try for a lesser conversion like getting them to connect with you on social media. Humor can be very helpful here (e.g. “We already miss you!”) and remind them that they’re always welcome back (e.g. “If you ever want to re-subscribe, we’ll be here tossing out discounts left and right!”). This approach has been really successful for some businesses because it leaves people with a positive opinion of your business instead of the anger or frustration that they’re typically feeling at this point.

For additional help creating successful email marketing drip campaigns or newsletter turn to OptinMonster to get the subscribers you need. This tool will help you build high converting forms for your websites and landing pages in just a matter of minutes. It also segments your leads and customers with behavior personalization so they’re funneled directly into your automated campaigns.

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