Tips to keep in mind when you buy a circular saw

Circular saw is a common cutting tool to cut different materials such as wood, plastic, metal, and masonry. It is a hand-held tool, which has been used for years to give rip or cross cuts and both. It is an electric machine that eliminates human power while cutting. 

Whether it is for the home workshop or you are a professional, buying a good circular saw is important. Well, on the marketplace lots of circular saw types and brands are available but picking out one of the best is tricky. 

This is not for you! 

Here we have shared some useful and tricks and tips which you should keep in mind before buying a circular saw. 



Circular saws are available in two type flairs. Worm drive saws are short and long both. The blade is located on the left, which is comfortable for right-hand users. These are known as heavier with more torque, whereas the sidewinders are the most usable style. The blade is located on the right side, which is comfortable for anyone. These are lighter in weight and expensive than worm drive. Even they work faster and more convenient for the home workshop. If you need to buy the best style of yours, go with which you are comfortable while working. Dewalt DCS373B is one of the best choices to add to your workshop. Small sidewinder is another style in which you can opt for the slight-body person for balance, weight, and handling the machine. Trim saw is a perfect choice for paneling and finish work. 

Size of blades

Circular saws are available in different sizes of blades, which are denoted as diameter. If you are looking for a perfect size that goes perfectly with work, you must opt 7 and ¼ inch blade. This can help to cut deep 3 inches on the wood with no risk and extra efforts. Also, this size can cut materials with thick variety and other substances than wood. 

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Corded and Cordless

Corded and cordless, which one is right for you? Corded and cordless are the two types of saws that have a strong conflict with each other. Cordless saws are simply expensive and corded are cheaper plus durable. Corded saws are perfect for the home workshop. Its longer sword gives better changes. 

Corded saws are more perfect than cordless for home, but for professionals, cordless saws are always recommended. The best is, buy the set of cordless tools from the best brand.


It is the most considerable thing while buying a saw. You need to check the amperage if they offer standard amp-like 15-amp that can be best for professionals. If you need to use saw infrequently, 10-12amp can be perfect for you. The price may vary, but if you need to invest for years, and then make sure you are opting from the best brand and manufactures.

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Efficiency & design

If you look for saw design and efficiency, every saw looks similar and impressive. While some are great in color and efficiency, which vary with the price too. Before buying a circular saw, test its speed, efficiency, handle, grip and more. If everything adjusts in your hands perfectly and also you are comfortable with the price, buy that one without hassle.

Blade types

Circular saw mostly used for wood cutting, so the blade is mostly sharp and highly efficient. Apart from woodcutting, metals, tiles, and concrete are also cut by a saw. So, if you are planning for buying a perfect circular saw, make sure that can do multiple works for you. Get the blade with high durability, sharp teeth, and fit in your hands. 

If you need deeper cuts to make sure you have picked bigger saw with sharp teeth that give perfect finish and rescue your physical capacity.

Choose bevel for angles cuts

If you want to cut angles into a material, then bevel is the perfect choice to add. Well, most circular saw offer full freedom to move and make cuts, but for getting good control bevel potential saw might be a smart move. If you do not needs cuts so do not buy bevel cuts, this would save your lot of money.

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Choose higher RPM

If you are buying a circular saw, make sure the RPM is higher. This gives a faster blade move, easy rotations, and spins. This makes the saw more powerful and reduces physical efforts. With higher RPM you will get a great finish.

Get a saw with a built-in blade wrench

As you know, every different material required a different cut and blade. If you need to cut different materials a day with different stuff, so, you’ll need to look for a circular saw which has an in-built blade wrench. This saves your time in moving the blade to another. 

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