While in the college or university a student has to perform a certain number of writing assignments. Although the list of these assignments is quite long, it mostly consists of essay writing tasks. These days, a student deals with this sort of task with way less struggle. Representatives of baby boomers and generation X were not able to get any help from the easily accessible technology and software developed for studying purposes. All our predecessors had in their arsenal were literature from the libraries and peer assistance. By the end of this article, you will know how the modern student approaches new assignments and which technologies help along the educational journey.


It is all about organizing

As it was already mentioned above, this article’s main purpose is to provide some information on how modern students cope with their assignments. However, it is hard to tell who exactly works with those assignments, students with the help of tech or tech with student’s help. It does sound funny but in reality, all student has to do is to turn the software on and wait unless it does the job. In most of the cases, the student doesn’t even have to type the data since smart people have developed a voice recognition system that allows users to dictate the text. In other words, the learner talks to the device and it does all the work for him.

Apart from that, there are also technologies that connect people from all over the world. That made essay writing service to appear. Instead of buying expensive devices, talking to peers, and spending hours in the library student now can buy an essay online. Professional writers from PapersOwl are always happy to put their writing skills into use. Despite the fact that buying essays from the writer is a great idea for one who is willing to get some free time for other assignments, this article is about something else.

If one wants to get a bit of understanding of what exactly modern students approach to the assignment is, the one has to scan the entire process. Firstly, the student receives the assignment for the professor. After that student will usually start researching received topics online. Here is an alternative for the library comes in place – the search engine. Spend minutes in front of your computer using Google instead of hours spent in the dark library. When all the resources gathered, the student has to make his writing unique and different from the original writing. Paraphrasing it is called. There is a special software called “spinner” which will do the job instead of the student. Now, the student uploads his text to the grammar checking tool, the most popular is Grammarly and downloads new, free of spelling and grammar mistakes essay. All our student has to do is to submit it to the professor.

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Using Apps is the Answer

These days all of the applications modern students use are powered by neural networks which makes software irreplaceable. Also, it is way faster than the human brain in all of the tasks possible. List of tasks that AI is better than humans brain consists of processing, problem-solving (math), analysis, and more. As you can see there is no surprise students come to the idea of using such a powerful aid.

The employment of such applications varies from one case to another. Just imagine yourself in the class, all ready to submit your research paper to the professor and suddenly he says that the least amount of pages of the work should be one page more than you have. And all you have on you is your smartphone. Instead of panicking, running around, begging professor of taking the work as is, the modern student will simply use the technology we have already discussed. Voice recognition systems come in handy. Dictate the text needed and submit the assignment. As easy as that. And all the AI pre-installed to the smartphone checks for mistakes scans for duplicates with the help of plagiarism checking software, and the rest of the magic artificial intelligence does.

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As you can see for yourself contemporary student’s educational life is a breeze unlike it was with other generations. However, there is also another side of the medal. Students who use these applications too much miss their chance to get educated and they never come back to the university or college ever again.

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