Searching for perfect recovery software for your devices? Save all your data, videos, pictures, files and safe from getting lost. Errors in software, virus attacks partition errors, Crashed OS corrupt files. Often important data get deleted while copying/transferring them to a different memory location or device This article elaborates on the advanced features of EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard.   

Quick and Simple Installation of the software

The application has a lucid user interface. Which can be set up in just 3 easy steps. The recovery process is fast and accurate. Deleted files are recovered and saved in preset memory locations. The wizard also has provision for selective recovery. Features like remote data recovery, technical error support are part of the pro version of the application.

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Two different scanning modes of the software   

  • Deep Scan   

It is used for a complete scan of the hard drive. A deep scan is suitable for restoring corrupted data files due to partition errors or OS crashing.  

  • Quick scan   

It is suitable for scanning small memory locations and folders. The function uses a set of simple algorithms for faster scanning. The quick scan feature is suitable for scanning, smaller storage locations.    

Files can be Previewed before Recovery   

Preview all the files before recovering them. The selective recovery method saves memory and makes the process more methodical. Conveniently pick what you want to recover.  

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All types of files can be recovered

The Recovery Wizard can handle almost all file types. This application is compatible with almost all file types we typically work with. Text files, Image files, Audio, Emails, Video files, and more can be recovered using this software. It has been programmed for working with all file types in a system. 

A potential solution for all your smart devices   

The software can run on a wide range of devices like SD Cards, Pen-drives, Hardrives, PCs, Digital cameras, Camcorders, Music players, Tabs, etc.    

System Requirements to run the software 

Versions of the Windows Operating System from 2003 are compatible with this software. Supported file systems include ReFS, HFS+, NTFS, NTFS5, etc. This application takes up 32MB of storage upon installation. 128 MB of RAM is occupied while the application is running.   

How Data-Recovery works?

  • First, the location of lost data is specified for the wizard to start finding erased files. A list of lost partitions and files are displayed in the application window.    
  • Followed by the scanning process begins, where the complete device or system is searched to recover wiped out files. Scanning duration varies with the size of storage. Scanning can be paused or resumed when needed.   
  •  A filtering system is integrated with the wizard with which you can choose what you want to retrieve. Keeping only what’s needed saves memory and keeps the system running in an optimum state.  
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subscription details about Recovery Wizard 

Different editions of the EaseUS Recovery Wizard are offered to customers. First-time users get to experience the trial version before purchasing the product. The Pro and Pro+WinPE versions offer conveniences like remote recovery, lifetime technical support and many more. It is an excellent software for businesses and individuals alike. Recovery systems not only retrieve data it protects them from getting damaged when system failures are encountered. 


The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is loaded with many features that make it suitable for all everyday data-handling needs. Manage erased files on all your devices without damaging the operating system. People from different professions have appreciated the performance of this software. User feedback and reviews define the quality and utility of the product. The latest version of the all-in-one recovery application has eliminated some of the glitches, which makes it the first choice for anyone looking for Recovery applications.  


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