Possessing essay writing skills is very important for everyone, whether as a professional or a student. Apparently, as a student, the ability to write well-structured works invariably earns you good grades. This is the same way having this skill can also put you in a great position in your career. Whether you are or want to become a journalist, an entrepreneur, scientist, teacher or any other profession you can think of, this skill, if mastered well, will make you indispensable in the career path you choose to follow. Using online services and resources, which are designed to make things easier for you, is one of the interesting ways you can compile excellent works. For instance, a service like Tooly can be very useful. For those who find it quite difficult to create title pages, this service provides you with a free cover page maker that comes in handy anytime.

Not sure of other valuable free tools you can use? Worry not! In this article, you will find some amazing technologies you can use in compiling your essays.

So, without wasting much of your time, let’s get into it right away!



This is a really great service. Here are two of the most popular Tooly tools that are available for free.

Topic Generator

Before even writing your essay, one of the first things you want to be sure of is your title. A good essay topic forms the foundation for great content in your write-up. Conversely, a bad one definitely equals a bad essay. So, instead of just wasting a lot of time searching and researching topics you can write on, in case you don’t have one already, you can easily generate one with a topic generator online. All you are required to do is just to type the keywords that center on the idea and type of essay you’d like to write on in a section that will be available for you on the site’s page, and then you can search. A list from topics will then appear, and you can go ahead to select any of the ones that suit your interests and ideas and also try to reform too. 

Title Page Maker

It is your title page that provides your readers with an idea of what the content of your essay would be. There are different title pages for different essay types. So, you want to be certain of the type to use before going ahead to create one, and it is at this point that things may become somewhat difficult because you may not know and might not be able to choose the correct one to use. A title page maker helps you to create a title page that perfectly suits the style or format you may be using; APA, MLA, and others. Just type in your title, name, and other information that will be requested and your page will be generated at once.

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It is only natural for us to sometimes find it difficult to organize our thoughts and ideas before finally putting them into writing. A great tool that can help us with that is Evernote. With this convenient app, you can easily save anything you find online while researching and gathering materials to use. You can easily archive website pages if you have the extension installed on your Chrome browser, and can also use it to gather and organize your ideas before writing. 

Sometimes something can occur to you while on the road or while you’re busy, so, instead of leaving that idea to fade away because you don’t have a pen and paper, you can just quickly add it and keep it in your Evernote until you’re ready to use it. It makes compiling much easier. 

Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism must be avoided, totally. It ruins one’s work uniqueness and can even attract serious sanctions and punishments if eventually discovered. But to be honest, plagiarism, sometimes, cannot be utterly avoided, and this is why you need a good plagiarism checker to scan your text for any form of plagiarism so you can rewrite it. 

Plagiarism checkers also have a percentage display to show you the amount of plagiarism you may actually have in your work.

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The saying, “No one is above mistakes,” is no myth. No one, truly, is above mistakes, and this is what makes us unique as humans. Many times, when we write, we make some mistakes; spelling, grammar, punctuation, and others, and would sometimes need a third eye to check our work for us. And that perfect third eye is Grammarly. 

This tool checks through the content of your write-up for spelling, grammar and style errors. It then provides correct suggestions. On every mistake you make, there’s always correction and detailed info on the right usage. You get to fix your mistakes and at the same time learn too. Quite amazing right?!

Grammarly is free and can be downloaded for online and offline usage as a Chrome or MS word plugin. It is a really useful tool for non-native and native speakers alike, who struggle with writing.


Readability and style are also two other important factors you must seriously consider in your writing. It’s best to avoid complex sentences and redundancy, which can confuse your readers and discourage them from reading your essay. So, to make your writing clear and concise, Hemingway is an amazing app that comes in handy. It scans your text for complex words and expressions and then suggests simpler ones you can substitute them for. This service allows you to make your content more accessible and readable.

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Compiling a decent essay takes energy and a considerable amount of time, but making use of technology like Tooly can make it much easier and quicker. Instead of wasting your time struggling with things like the cover page, you can easily generate one that aligns with the format and style of your writing.  

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