Start Selling On Facebook Through Shopify

Shopify has been one of the best ways to start selling online for new businesses because of its intuitive and simple interface along with a plethora of integrations. Facebook is one of the most widely used social media platforms. Today, selling on Facebook when you already have a Shopify store has become easier than ever.

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Advantages Of Selling On Facebook

Why should you even think of selling on Facebook if you’re already selling on Shopify? Here are the top reasons why.

  • You can easily share and promote one product at a time on Facebook. This makes it easy to focus on individual products and enables you to share new products with ease.
  • The ‘Shop Now’ option enables your customers to buy directly from your store on Facebook. This makes it simple and easy to purchase what they love.
  • There are over one billion Facebook users and since you can promote your products with ease, selling on Facebook is a venture that you should consider.
  • Facebook’s secure checkout enables people to know that there is buyer protection available and it’s safe to purchase. This can help people know that you’re a reputable store.
  • Facebook can help drive traffic to your Shopify store which in turn can help you get more revenue and sales.

Integrate your Shopify store with Facebook to tap into a huge customer base.

How To Create An Incredible Shopify Facebook Store? 

Here are ways in which you can ensure that your Shopify Facebook store is going to be an amazing one. 

  • User Engagement

Selling on Facebook is going to benefit your business if you use the live video feature on Facebook. That’s because over 80% of people prefer that! You should think about asking users to subscribe to your newsletter. 

User reviews are important as this can help a potential customer know that they can trust you. More than 60% of people will buy when reviews are available. Testimonials need to be believable too when you add them to Facebook. Don’t forget that excellent customer service is key. Show people, you care about what they think. 

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  • Content Is King

When you’re selling on Facebook, you should ensure that your content game is top-quality. It’s recommended that 20% is promotional content while the rest may not be directly related to sales. Try to merge the informative part while making it fun and light. This should apply to your photo captions and posts on your shop and blog as well. Strategically plan your content so you can show the customers why they should invest in your products.

  • Brand Strategy

One of the best ways of selling on Facebook is to make use of photos and videos strategically. Fantastic photos and videos are going to make you stand apart from the rest of the crowd. Customers are going to judge you based on your product photos and whether they want to buy from you or not. You should aim to inform the customer while inspiring them to buy too. Did you know that more than 70% of customers will buy a product when you put out a video explaining the product? There’s a huge potential to skyrocket your sales by using visual branding strategy.

Easily sync and display your Shopify store’s product images and videos on Facebook. 

  • Keep It Simple

When selling on Facebook, you may be tempted to make it all complicated. But people are not going to like that very much. You can add elements but ensure there’s a flow to it. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and it proves true when you’re selling your products on Facebook. You should enable customers to easily view the products that you sell and let them check-out easily.

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  • Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are perfect to grow your audience when you’re selling on Facebook. Facebook has developed a PPC advertising platform for paid ads. When selling on Facebook you will be able to connect to those who are not aware of your business. For instance, you can target those people who are looking for products that you sell. This can be done using ‘Boost Post’ on Facebook. You can choose who you specifically want to target. This can help generate leads and help you increase your revenue.

If you’re still wary of selling on Facebook, then remember that Facebook enables you to display and sell your products with the utmost ease. The integration of Shopify with Facebook enables you to easily expand your customer base. Shopify has made the integration really easy as you can set up Facebook as a sales channel in a few clicks. Shopify enables a ‘Shop’ section on your Facebook page which showcases all your Shopify products. The best part is you can make any changes you wish to. These include fulfilling orders, reviewing sales, and products. When you purchase a Shopify plan, the Facebook sales channel is already included so you don’t have to pay anything extra!

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